Nuclear Physics preparation for JEE Main!

by Josue Tavorn

Being an important subject to score good marks in JEE Main, Nuclear Physics is a little easy and quick to remember. Some topics in this chapter are quite simple and with a clear concept of basics, you can master in this topic.

From the movement of fundamental particles to the events leading to big bang theory, the Physics section covers all. You can easily cover a vast ocean of syllabus in Physics with a clear understanding of the concepts. Let us look at the complete syllabus of Physics first.

How to begin your  preparation for Physics for JEE Main 2019?

In order to commence your preparation for Physics, you need to understand the complete exam structure, syllabus, & exam pattern of JEE Main. Physics syllabus is divided into five sub-topics, these are:

  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Mechanics
  • Optics and Modern Physics
  • Electrostatics and Magnetism
  • Current Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction.

The most important topic for JEE Main Physics is Optics and Modern Physics. These unit cover almost 17-19% of the Physics paper. Modern Physics is further divided into topics- Atomic Structure, Bohr Model of Hydrogen Atom, Explanation of Matter and Nuclear Physics.

Best preparation strategies for Nuclear Physics

To get complete understanding of Nuclear Physics, you should start with the basic concept of the subject.

  • Complete Understanding of Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Physics is the study of protons and neutrons at the entrance of an atom and the connections that hold them, together in a space. In simple terms a branch of Physics that deals with the study of a nucleus is known as Nuclear Physics. The constituent of the Nuclear Physics comprises of:

  • Radioactivity
  • Decay Law
  • Radioactive Dating
  • Equivalence of Mass and Energy
  • Binding Energy and Nuclear Stability
  • Nuclear Fission
  • Nuclear Fusion
  1.  Best Books for Nuclear Physics

The best study material for Nuclear Physics will be the ones which not only provide a precise theory of the concepts but also the plenty kinds of problems to retain those concepts. The major thing to keep in mind while preparing for JEE Main is to keep on practising the variety of questions.

We believe that preparation of the Physics needs an altogether different approach as compared to the other two subjects. A simple reason for that- Physics needs a lot of thinking. Your problem-solving capability will be ease down if you learn to grasp the concepts correctly. So here we provide you with some of the best books for Nuclear Physics that will help you in creating the best kind of Nuclear Physics notes.

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  1. NCERT Books

Do not face failure because of the wrong approach towards the concepts. You should start learning and solving the questions from NCERT Textbooks.

  • Build a strong base before moving ahead with tough problems and topics. NCERT serves as the best for creating the stimulus.
  • NCERT books have the right collection of chapters written by best authors in the field of Physics.
  • After making a solid base, you can solve the additional questions section.
  1. Problems in General Physics by I.E Irodov

In order to take up this book, you should have a clear understanding of the concepts and should have adequate understanding of calculus.

  • Book has great collection of problems.
  • Problems in this book require conceptual interlinking from 3-4 different areas of Physics.
  • The book will help in testing and developing your combinatorial creativity.
  1. Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma

One of the best book to enhance your chances of scoring well in JEE Main and JEE Advance.

  • The best part about this book is the language and sentence structure. Spend some time with its theory part.
  • Every problem of question serves like a landmark here in the book.
  • Solve short answer question and objective sections from this book.
  1. Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick, Halliday and Walker

One of the most comprehensive and precise book for building strong theoretical concepts in Nuclear Physics.

  • The writer has formed a curiosity from the begging of the book by giving hundreds of real-life examples to make concepts easy and interesting for you.
  • There are wide range of questions accompanied by every chapter in order to strengthen your basics.

The best solution to follow is to solve countless standardized questions without wasting your much time on different kinds of books. We suggest you not to forget practising Nuclear Physics previous year question paper to get the stimulus of real-exam scenario.

Some Recommended preparation tips for Nuclear Physics

  1. Apart from best study material and questions papers solving tips, you should never forget the importance of quizzes related to Nuclear Physics. Quizzes provide you the real-time examination experience.
  2. The Nuclear Physics topic includes a large amount of data which needs to be memorized in the right way to avoid any kind of confusion in the paper.
  3. Prepare well with Radioactivity and X-Ray part thoroughly to get the complete understanding of the fundamentals.
  4. Your complete preparation will be of no use if you did not invest some quality time for your revision. Revision will also provide you great level of confidence to crack every kind of questions.
  5. Practice as much as you can with the help of question papers, mock test. This way you will be able to identify your weak and strong areas and can identify your speed and accuracy.

Now there is less time left for JEE Main exam 2019, so it’s time to not forget anything what you have learned. Keep practising and keep revising the content to achieve success. Stay motivated and drop your query here in comment section if any.

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