May 26, 2022


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6 Ways to Find Trustworthy News Sites in Sweden

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Daily, we are bombarded with tons of information through all sorts of electronic Media that it becomes difficult to sustain whether what they are telling us is accurate. 

Any person moving to Sweden needs to be kept informed and knowledgeable about what is going on in the world and that is why I’m going to give you a guide on how to find trustworthy news sites in Sweden. Let’s have a look;

  1. Compare their reviews and out their reputation

The number one way to find reliable information about the services of news companies is by reading their reviews. has a list of all news companies’ customer feedback from Swedish citizens. 

Reading through the reviews individually will help you know more about their many companies and the types of news they propagate.

Whether you want electronic news or newspaper news about what is going on in the country you can find a reliable news site by comparing their customer feedback. 

If you happen to be in Sweden and need of electronic news you may perhaps read some reviews about Dagens Nyheter, a newspaper company that has been active in terms of international and domestic news in Sweden since 1867. 

Engaging with the customer complaints or positive feedback given through reviews will help you find a reliable news site.

  1. Look at the Top-Level domain

Another smart way to know whether a new site is trustworthy or not is to look at its domain name. 

The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Sweden is ‘.se’. News from a website ending with ‘.se’ establishes some level of trust that you are getting local news.

However, this does not show complete trustworthiness because people can still get the .se domain and use it for their blogs commenting and giving out the news that is not from the source.

On the other hand, some big Swedish companies choose the .com domain where they major international news as well. 

An internet country code helps to find information focused on a particular territory rather than general news. The bottom line is that avoid odd domain names.

  1. Check for biasness 

We cannot turn a blind eye that some news sites are not biased in terms of the news they choose to put out for the public.

The grounds for media bias are often political where media sites become hosts for spreading political propaganda. 

It can become difficult for somebody moving to Sweden to tell whether a news site is biased, however, coming back to my first point, you can always know the biasness level of a news site by reading their reviews. 

  1. Look at their media coverage

Coverage in this sense does not mean that sort of news category but the geographical coverage of the news given. 

A good news media company in Sweden covers news from within the country and even from the countrysides. 

The details are much more precise to the country rather than general international coverage. 

News from international news companies are often covering major highlights in the country but the small developments in the rather countryside areas are not reported. 

  1. Check for reliability and credibility 

Producing regular news updates is important when determining the reliability and credibility of a news company. 

Big media companies have been able to grow immensely over the world by covering and reporting news. Live coverage on important events or occurrences in the country does reflect well to show the commitment of the media service. 

The test of credibility is done by looking at the source material or the source of the information being passed and the transparency in reporting or publishing the same information.

A reliable news site also gives updates on the development of news already reported before. Readers and viewers often do follow-ups on reported news and reliable sites give updates on the same. 

To check for reliability you can also look at the veracity, expression and the headlines and graphiicss.Graphics shoulf corresponf with the content and expression is gauged from opinion statements.

  1.  Accuracy 

Facts reported by a new site must be accurate. 

Media services are by law strictly forbidden from reporting unvalidated reports. It is an offense in Sweden and is punishable by law. 

All facts stated in a report are expected to be verified before publication or being aired in audiovisual.  

Accurate news information is always reported giving direct quotations from the speaker rather than excessive paraphrasing. 

Loose translations of information in most cases result in inaccuracy.