Not every child goes to 2000days Calgary Daycare. But studies show that those who do get a head start in many developmental skills, from socialization to vocabulary, and many things in between. If you’re shopping for preschool for your child, you want the best one available. But, what should you be looking for when you grade the preschools in your area?

1. A Clean and Secure Location – This is probably the most essential requirement. Before you even get to the point of them learning and having fun, you need to be confident that they are safe and that they are in a clean environment. Be prepared for frequent colds at first, but that’s actually a good thing since they need to build up their immune system.

2. A Positive Atmosphere – When you walk into the preschool, what is the feeling you get? The absence of dread is not good enough. When you bring your child to a place they will be spending most of their days at, the faculty should exude positive energy.

3. Low Teacher-to-Student Ratio – Studies on all levels of education show that smaller class sizes work better. While 10 students or less is best for each teacher, sometimes this can be helped with assistants.

4. Structure and Routine – Children need security, stability, and routine. A quality preschool has a set schedule with activities, such as writing lessons and story time, to playing outside and nap time. Preschool teacher are not glorified babysitters… they are teachers. So, that means your child should learn, interact with teachers and students, and have a structured routine rather than being left to their own devices.

5. Instructional Aids – There should be a lot of learning materials in the classroom. There should be things like puzzles and blocks that help your children problem solve. There are plenty of other items that can be used to help your child learn, such as marbles for counting, or books for them to read.

6. Physical Activities – Parents already know this, but kids of tons of energy. They need an outlet to burn it off, which should be in the form of playtime in and outside. Besides the fact that it is physically healthy, they can develop their motor skills.

7. Varied Interactions – While a lot of interaction will be between the teacher and the whole classroom, children should have some personal interaction with their teachers. This may come in the form of reading them a book or giving private instruction and praise during projects.

Preschool is such a necessary time in your child’s development. These critical criteria are an excellent place to start but also use your own intuition. Explore reviews online and request a tour of the school you are considering. If you already have your child in a preschool, pay attention to what they say about their time spent there. While some things our children say need to be taken with a grain of salt, they are also the best indicator of whether or not they are in a quality preschool.