May 27, 2022


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A Quick Look Back at March of 2020

Mike Palmer returns from SXSW EDU to mirror on what it was like creating Trending in Ed again in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic was just hitting. By means of excerpts from 3 episodes of Trending in Ed, we transportation ourselves again to that complicated time to help place the past into point of view as we prepare to lean into the foreseeable future.

We commence by listening to audio from an episode with Dan Strafford and Mike in early February where we speculate about what’s occurring in Wuhan, China and how it may have a broader effects throughout the world. Then we listen to some of Mike’s March 2020 job interview with Bryan Alexander, the pointed out futurist who famously explored the doable affect of a plague on greater ed in his book, Academia Up coming: The Futures of Bigger Education and learning. It was zeitgeisty then and it however is now. Mike concludes with audio from his job interview with Angela Siefer, the Government Director of the Nationwide Electronic Inclusion Alliance later in March as the to start with wave was using root and Angela and team were being swiftly shifting practices to react to the crucial general public well being features of digital obtain and inclusion.

It’s a imagined-provoking retrospective you won’t want to miss.

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