Advantage Of Solar Power Lighting

Top 10 Economic Benefits of Converting to Solar Energy

The great advantage of solar power is that it provides a portable form of energy generation when needed the most, from solar lighting to a universal solar charger. The most significant pull of spending time in the great outdoors is that it lets you spend as much time as you want as far away as you wish from civilization. 

The downside is that this distance from mains power can leave you cut off from the outside world. The advances and technological improvements made during the last decade in the solar power industry have massively increased the viability of solar power in the making up for the lack of mains power while enjoying your adventure in the great outdoors.

Here are my top five uses for solar power while camping or caravanning.

Solar charger

On average, an adult spends one hour a day connected to the internet, adds this to the amount of time using a hand-held entertainment device and a mobile phone, and adds up to a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is easy to see how much people can miss these devices when they spend time away from mains power.

Help is at hand though, technophiles rejoice! A high quality universal solar charger will enable you to keep these devices charged, and more. These universal chargers come with a variety of attachments that allow you to attach a mobile phone and come with dc power supply tips for devices such as laptops or video cameras. Some of these devices will also enable you to connect the battery from a GPS unit or other more extensive accessories.

Solar Lighting

One of the joys of camping is to relax under a clear starry night sky, but it can also be very dark at night!. Solar lighting comes in many different forms, but the most useful application while camping is in the form of a solar-powered lantern. Unlike battery-powered devices, these lanterns need no external power source. They can provide up to eight hours of illumination per evening. You can consider hiring outdoor lighting houston professionals to install outdoor solar lighting in your home.

Solar Radio

Sometimes the peace of the great outdoors can be too peaceful and quiet. In these events, a solar-powered radio is a must. Giving you the ability to listen to am/FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, they can be used to provide entertainment via music or even keep you aware of the latest sports results. A solar radio can also be a life-saving device, enabling you to stay in touch with local weather reports or warning announcements for your vicinity.

Portable solar panel array

For a couple of hundred pounds, it is now possible to invest in a portable solar panel array, which will provide enough power for a handful of devices at the same time. A variety of solar panels will enable you to keep a tv, radio, and fridge on the go at the same time.

With the increasing efficiency of solar panels, it has been possible to decrease the size while increasing the output of solar devices. Some smart manufacturers have embedded this technology into rucksacks suitable for hiking, fishing, or general outdoor use. The backpacks provide power while you move and can even come equipped with built-in cooling units powered by the sun. Imagine going hiking and being able to enjoy a chilled beer when you get to your destination.