Benefits of making the professional Amazon seller account

Benefits of Creating a Professional Amazon Seller Account - SellerMobile

Amazon sellers always face the dilemma when choosing the type of Amazon seller central account setup in their online selling business. They are confused about whether they should make professional or individual seller accounts to start selling on business. 

For this, you have to clearly understand the difference between the individual seller account and the professional seller account. In this article, we first tell you the difference between the two types of seller accounts, then go through the benefits of professional amazon seller accounts. 

Individual seller account Vs professional seller account

Read the following points to get a basic idea of the individual and the professional seller account. 

  • Amazon individual seller account

Individual Amazon seller accounts do not give access to sellers to the inventory tools and reports for selling the products. In this, you do not have to pay a monthly subscription fee. 

  • Amazon professional seller account

This account will give access to the seller to the inventory tools to post the batch files. This way, the seller can manage the orders through the reports and the feeds. These tools are helpful for both medium and large-sized businesses. 

Benefits of choosing the professional seller account

This section will teach you the benefits of choosing a professional Amazon seller account. 

  • Allowed the items for sale 

There are various product categories in that only sellers are allowed to sell the product if they have a professional seller account. Such categories consist the different types of products but are not limited to collectables, jewellery, automotive products, fine art, blu ray, and videos on DVD. If you want to sell products from these categories, you must create a professional seller account on Amazon. 

  • Tax calculations

Sales taxes are definitely needed by your state. If you are the one who wants to get the sales tax for the products that you want to sell online, then you have to set up your professional Amazon seller account. 

  • Third-party users

You are unable to access Amazon seller central if you are signed up to the individual seller account. If you want to get the benefits of the third-party apps and the inventory management tools, then you must choose the professional seller account. 

  • Buy box eligibility 

Amazon selects the placement holders of the Buy box from the professional sellers. Individual sellers do not have the features of the Buy Box. It is crucial to note that the merchants who achieve the buy box have a large chance of outselling their competitors and increasing their revenues. 

  1.   Subscription fee

If you have an individual seller account, then every time, the subscription fee is added when you want to sell the extra items on Amazon. But if you have a professional seller account, then there is a minimal subscription fee that is not added per the items. 


This article consists the information on the individual seller account and the professional seller account. You are able to get the benefits of the Amazon account if you choose the professional type seller account.