Bibb County Board of Education discusses 2022-2023 school budget

Bibb County Board of Education met on Tuesday to talk about school funding for the upcoming school year.

MACON, Ga. — The Bibb County Board of Education is looking at the future of some of its schools, which means the possibility of consolidating schools. However, Bibb County School District superintendent Dr. Curtis Jones says that is not happening anytime soon.

“There’s no plan to close any schools this coming school year, and I really don’t see it happening in the next year as well.”

Jones says they will communicate and be transparent with parents about the decision. He says parents should relax. 

The Bibb County Board of Education met on Tuesday to talk about the upcoming school year budget. Jones says some of the issues they’re considering include salaries, keeping extracurricular activities and downsizing staff. With students moving to other schools, they are looking at the possibility of merging or closing those schools.

“The board needs to start considering what does that look like down the road,” Jones said.

Jordan Murphy went to L.H. Williams Elementary School. Currently, it has the fewest students of the entire districts 21 elementary schools. He’s worried about where the kids would go.

“It’s not many schools in this area except for maybe Vineville, but it’s harder to get into Vineville than it is to get into L.H Williams, so that being a public schools in this area for a low-income area that is very important for us.”

Murphy says he see sees teachers and kids not staying and the board would look into how to improve the school.

Jones says with charter schools opening in Bibb County like ACE and Cirrus academies, the board has to think about what is best for the district, students, and staff. He says there are consequences that come with that and that’s a reason for the empty classrooms.

The board approved a committee to look into whether any schools should be consolidated based on enrollment number but Jones says that decision won’t be made anytime soon.