Culture & Heritage Products – A Meaningful Gift for Little Ones


Every time you are invited to a kid’s birthday, you get into the dilemma of selecting a perfect gift. A gift,that appeals to the refined sensibilities of modern day kids and also suits the strictly defined parameters of parents regarding the ‘right gift’ for their precious child. And, then you have your noble wish of presenting a gift that is meaningful and memorable too!! If you find yourself in such a precious condition, Indian culture and heritage product is something you should definitely give a try.

Containing the wisdom of 5,000 years old civilization, our rich Indian culture is full of knowledge and education. There are folklores that entertain, expand the vision and at the same time impart values. Many Indian companies are now bringing up products that incorporate the virtues of Indian tradition and package them in a manner that suits the fantasies of modern day kids exposed to internet, video games and hi-fi electronic gadgets.

Some wonderful gift ideas readily available in the market our VCDs and DVDs on Ramayana, episodes of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna, Jataka Tales and kids’ favourite Lord Hanuman. Most of these VCD ROMs depicts Indian folklore through animation and multi-media effects. Language of these animated movies is simple and suitable for today’s kids.

For children fond of reading, there are comic series on Tenalirama, Panchatantra, Akbar-Birbal and Vikram-Betal stories. Many of us have grown up reading these fabulous tales but somewhere down the line our kids lost interest in them in preference for more westernized cartoon characters. Thankfully, many companies are re-discovering the inherent virtues in our own traditional kids’ stories and converting them in beautiful comics and colorful books.

Jostling for space in the fast expanding video-game market, several companies are now coming up with game CDs revolving around Indian mythological characters. Many indoor games also feature images related to Indian traditional folk stories.

So, now when you look for a meaningful gift idea for little kids in the family on festivals or important occasions you have plethora of options to choose from. So happy gifting!!

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