Discovering the prehistoric monuments of Arabia


Image: The platform all through excavation.
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Credit history: © MADAJ

In contrast to the prehistoric continues to be of the Close to East, the megalithic monuments of Arabia stay mostly unfamiliar. These monumental buildings, designed of dry stone partitions, even now keep lots of tricks in phrases of their design, operate and chronology. An intercontinental collaboration (one) of scientists from France, Saudi Arabia and Italy (2), led by Olivia Munoz, a researcher at the CNRS, have uncovered a 35-metre prolonged triangular platform in the oasis of Dûmat al-Jandal (northern Saudi Arabia). Constructed in many phases from the sixth millennium BC, this exceptional monument was possibly dedicated to ritual practices, some of which have been possibly funerary and commemorative. To get there at these conclusions, scientists researched and dated the objects and human continues to be from deposits identified in and close to the platform – in the two aspect niches and also in close by tombs. These discoveries, which look in the journal Antiquity on June ninth, 2020, display a ritual use all through Prehistory, and are a perhaps symbolic imprint left by nomadic pastoralists in the landscape all through this remote interval.

(one) The excavations have been carried out in the framework of the Italian-French-Saudi archaeological mission in Dûmat al-Jandal (MADAJ), co-directed by Guillaume Charloux of the Orient and Mediterranean laboratory (CNRS/ Université Paris one Panthéon-Sorbonne/Sorbonne Université/Collège de France/EPHE) and Romolo Loreto (Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”).
(2) This operate associated the next teams:

* “Archéologies et sciences de l’Antiquité” laboratory (CNRS/Université de Paris Nanterre/Université Paris one Panthéon-Sorbonne/Ministère de la Lifestyle)

* Section for Close to Jap Antiquities, Louvre Museum

* Orient and Mediterranean laboratory (CNRS/Université Paris one Panthéon-Sorbonne/Sorbonne Université/Collège de France/EPHE)

* “Archéozoologie, archéobotanique : sociétés, pratiques et environnements” laboratory (CNRS/MNHN)

* “Centre français de recherche de la péninsule arabique” (CNRS/Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères), previously acknowledged as “Centre français d’archéologie et de sciences sociales”

* archaeological mission “Oasis de l’Arabie déserte” (Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères)

* LabEx RESMED (ANR-ten-LABX-seventy two)

* Saudi Fee for Tourism and Nationwide Heritage


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