“Mr. Chalmers Mitchell’s new ebook, ‘Darwinism and War’ is a reply to the argument in favor of war, so typically set forth in the previous a few yrs by a selected German school, that a condition of consistent struggle or warfare is a dominant component in evolution. These writers declare that war is both equally vital and admirable, and is in actuality a biological legislation which gentleman cannot resist, and that it is, moreover, beneficial in the extended run, favoring the survival of the strongest and ablest races. Mr. Mitchell finds, nonetheless, in his have text: ‘Natural variety final results from the conservation of favored races rather than from the extermination of one particular race by a different.’ He finds absolutely nothing in prevalent among the grouping of people today which varieties a modern-day nation and that which constitutes a race or species of animals. In quick he thinks it is entirely inadmissible to endeavor to justify human conduct by legislation intended to be dominant in the animal kingdom.”

Scientific American, May perhaps 1917

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