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ESA gurus working on lunar exploration give specifics and insights in a new series of movies for participants of the Moon Camp Challenge. 

Tasked with coming up with a habitat on the Moon applying 3D modelling instruments, students ought to get a number of factors into thing to consider. The extreme lunar setting and constrained assets pose difficulties for a Moon Camp that ought to adapt to the local setting and give safety and living and working services for astronauts. 

In the Fulfill the Professionals series, lunar researchers and engineers dive into 4 features of Moon analysis, from assets and 3D printing to life for human beings on the Moon and upcoming exploration designs.   

Dive suitable in: 


Methods on the Moon

It’s frequent know-how that the Moon is a cratered ball of rock. Breathtaking as it is in the night sky or in pictures taken from orbit the landscape is barren, grey, dusty and darkish. Are there other items to be found than meets the eye? Moon scientist Alexandre Meurisse explains which assets can be found on the Moon.

Fulfill the ESA gurus – Methods on the Moon

3D Printing on the Moon

We can 3D print just about anything at all these times, from instruments and properties to cells and even food items. But that is on Earth, where materials are easily out there. What about in space or on the Moon? Could we 3D print a lunar base? ESA engineer Advenit Makaya walks us as a result of the system.

Fulfill the ESA gurus – 3D Printing on the Moon

Residing on the Moon

The Apollo Mission proved human beings can get the job done on the lunar surface but the longest lunar spacewalk lasted a full of 22 hours. Could human beings invest lengthier amounts of time on the Moon? How about are living there, as they do on the Worldwide Room Station? Lunar technological know-how professional Bérengère Houdou describes living on the Moon.

Fulfill the ESA gurus – Residing on the Moon

Upcoming Moon exploration

Although it has been fifty a long time due to the fact human beings to start with stepped on the Moon, we have not forgotten about Earth’s all-natural satellite. A number of missions due to the fact Apollo have taught us so a great deal about the Moon and have paved the way for humankind to return. ESA Moon scientist James Carpenter gives us an overview of these missions and upcoming exploration of the Moon.

Fulfill the ESA gurus – Upcoming Moon exploration

Submissions for Moon Camp Discovery, Explorers and Pioneers are open right up until 25 March. Much more info on just about every degree of the obstacle and more assets are out there on the Moon Camp Challenge website.