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Honourable point out in the JUICE up your rocket! artwork opposition

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15 November 2021

We gained astounding works of artwork from youngsters in 63 nations around the world who set their private touch on Europe’s mission to the greatest world in our Solar Program, the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE). Thank you to all members for your creative imagination and for your persistence as the judges very carefully reviewed more than 2600 entries!

All drawings deserved to be the winners, but a option experienced to be created and it was not effortless. The judges have chosen 12 finalists whose artwork will attribute in the “JUICE & children of the earth” calendar, moreover the winner whose art will surface on the Ariane 5 rocket launching the spacecraft and on the deal with of the calendar.

Here’s the profitable artwork, which was submitted by 8-year-outdated Yaryna from Ukraine: 

Winner of the JUICE up your rocket! artwork levels of competition

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The judges picked this impression for the blend of representativeness of the mission, such as the primary features like Jupiter, its icy moons and the spacecraft the “childish” smile on their “faces” the hard work of us on Earth delivering JUICE to the gasoline giant method the colourful composition the cheerfulness it transmits and, last but not minimum, the defined and apparent photographs that will make certain the artwork is visible on the nose of the launcher.  

The finalists for the calendar are: Bianca (9), from Italy Chenitha (5) from Sri Lanka Jan (9) from Spain Leif (10) from Germany Lilla (11) from Slovakia Nikolas (10) from Switzerland Nils (6) from Estonia Panna (7) from Hungary Ron (11) from Israel Samuel (4) from El Salvador Samuel (5) from France Sophia (9) from the Uk! 

The judges were being charmed by the creative interpretations of Jupiter, its moons and the spacecraft that will shortly set off to study them.

Finalists of the JUICE up your rocket! artwork competitors

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Finalists of the JUICE up your rocket! art opposition

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Finalists of the JUICE up your rocket! artwork levels of competition

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Honourable mention goes to Zsombor (11) from Slovakia, whose artwork exhibiting youngsters of the environment coming collectively beautifully captured the spirit of this level of competition and of place exploration in standard, and will be featured on the calendar’s back address.

Honourable mention in the JUICE up your rocket! artwork competitiveness

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Congratulations to the winner and finalists. We will be calling you shortly with a lot more details about your prizes, so verify your e-mail.

“I was very amazed by the large response of the little ones and the top quality of their works,” said JUICE undertaking supervisor Giuseppe Sarri. “Some drawings are really exact, pretty much technological, other individuals are very creative. There were being sketches, paintings and cartoons and all jointly they have been equipped to seize the complexity, the natural beauty and human endeavor of the JUICE mission. All of these drawings went deep in my coronary heart.”

A spherical of applause to all the members who shared their artwork with us. Investigate them in this gallery. 

The JUpiter ICy moons Explorer, or JUICE, will examine the biggest earth in our Photo voltaic System, Jupiter. Launching in 2023, it will travel for about 9 years just before it comes at its place. It will expend 4 a long time investigating this big gaseous earth and three of its most significant moons, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa. The spacecraft will investigate the stormy ambiance of Jupiter and explore the strategies hiding in the icy oceans of Jupiter’s moons. In individual, it will appear for h2o inside these moons, and wherever there is h2o there could be lifetime!

We are proud to have the kids of the world having element in Europe’s journey to Jupiter! Stay tuned for much more information and updates on the JUICE mission on ESA Young ones site and social media.