May 27, 2022


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Fun Video Shows What Would Happen if You Dropped a Ball on Different Planets

Summertime means it’s time to enjoy ball! But what would it be like to engage in ball on various spots across our Photo voltaic Technique?

Planetary scientist Dr. James O’Donoghue has put jointly a enjoyable animation of how immediately an item falls on to the surfaces of places like the Solar, Earth, Ceres, Jupiter, the Moon, and Pluto.


The animation reveals a ball dropping from 1 kilometer (.6 miles) to the surface area of each item, assuming no air resistance. You can compare, for instance, that it takes 2.7 seconds for a ball to drop that distance on the Sunshine, though it takes 14.3 seconds Earth.

“This ought to give an notion for the pull you would feel on just about every item,” O’Donoghue said.

But what about the pull of gravity on the major planets vs. Earth? Interestingly more than enough, it can take and 13.8 seconds for the ball to drop on Saturn, and 15 seconds on Uranus. isles

“It may possibly be stunning to see large planets have a pull similar to lesser ones at the floor,” O’Donoghue describes on YouTube.

“For instance Uranus pulls the ball down slower than at Earth! Why? Due to the fact the lower typical density of Uranus puts the surface area considerably absent from the greater part of the mass. In the same way, Mars is almost two times the mass of Mercury, but you can see the area gravity is actually the same… this signifies that Mercury is a lot denser than Mars.”

Ceres will come in at the pokiest put to enjoy ball, with a ball dropping 1 km (.6 miles) in 84.3 seconds.


O’Donoghue, together with input from astronomer Rami Mandow, utilized a NASA planetary point sheet for reference to generate the video clip.

O’Donoghue also referenced 1 of the most famous gravity experiments at any time executed, the just one by astronaut Dave Scott on the Moon:

O’Donoghue has a range of wonderful video clips on his YouTube channel, which include a visualization of the velocities required to escape the pull of gravity from a variety of bodies in the Solar Technique.

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