Getting Rid of Cake Icing on Your Rug

Any family celebration just won’t be complete without some cake. You name the celebration and surely cake will always be there to help add joy and happiness to the occasion. Birthdays and weddings surely won’t be the same without some cake with delicious icing all over it.

The icing is probably one of the most fun parts of the cake. It is sweet, delicious, and you can smear it on any person’s face or even your own just for fun and laughs. But you certainly won’t be laughing if you realize that you have accidentally gotten some of the icing on your rug as this can result to an ugly stain that will ruin the rug’s appearance.

Cleaning cake icing stains on your rug can be somewhat overwhelming to some homeowners so to guide you below are the steps that you can follow to solve this cleaning problem in a jiffy.

• Use a dull knife to slowly scrape off the excess icing on the rug. You need to be careful when you are doing this since you can easily smear the icing accidentally to other portions of the rug. Also, you don’t want to damage the rug by damaging the fibers.

• After doing the previous step, get a medicine dropper and add a few drops of water onto the affected area of the rug. Then, use a paper towel to blot the portion repeatedly. This helps in removing some of the stain but it will likely take much more to completely remove it.

• Get some of the dish washing liquid that you commonly use and then mix a teaspoon of it with a cup of lukewarm water. Place the solution you have made in an empty spray bottle and spray the icing stain a couple of times. Let the cleaning solution set for about five minutes before moving to the next step.

• Using a clean white cloth, blot the stain on your rug continuously until you are able to get rid of the stain. The cleaning solution will help in breaking down the stain and blotting will help transfer it from the rug fibers and onto the cloth. Continue doing this until all of the stain is removed.

• Pour a cup of water onto the area where the stain was and then dry cleaning carpet it with some clean rags. This is in order to prevent any residue from getting left behind and causing build-up over time.