Who said fireplace mantels have to be made a certain way? It always seems to be the same. One person comes up with something and the rest of the world duplicates it. But, you can be the architect of any DIY fireplace mantel design. Read more here bed bath & beyond coupon.

You can copy the concept, but make it your own. The traditional fireplace mantel is a wood structure that is square at the top of the fireplace. Nothing wrong with traditional and it still looks great in many homes made today.

But for a home makeover, have fun and make it blend with your style. If you like stone or if you have a sense of balance that doesn’t require the world to be symmetrical, these are just a few ideas where to begin. Mix and match. Play around with ideas. Soon your mantel will blend with the way you decorate the rest of your home instead of stand out from it.

A Stone Mantel

There are stone mantels in this world, but none like the ideas I’m getting ready to give you. First of all, you can stagger the stone. It doesn’t have to run straight across the top of the fireplace. Second of all, it can be mixed with different decoration ideas.

To stagger the stone, you’ll need different shapes and sizes of flat rock, your taste of what type. The flat rock can be doweled to the wall or you can give it stronger support with bolts. Bolts are best if you are going to be decorating with heavy vases or anything else like that.

Take the same stone design down the sides of the fireplace and stagger those as well so that a very high decoration like a tall vase with flowers can go on the bottom stone and a picture frame or small bookends with about three books can sit on a shelf a little higher up adding balance to the entire fireplace decoration.

The Fireplace Waterfall

A magical display is the waterfall surrounding the fireplace. Using stone once again will make this idea look great. Have fun with it if you are going to do it yourself. You’ll be able to make it work.

With the same staggered stone idea, you need to make sure that each part of the staggered stone design can support the water as it falls. A moat at the bottom of the fireplace is an amazing look. From the pump, the water flows back up to the top of the fireplace where you can have top stones introducing the water to the journey across the mantel and down each side of the fireplace back to the moat below.

Two great ideas that should spark some imagination in your own creativity channels, they can each be built a hundred different ways with different variations in designs, colors and styles. The fireplace itself can obviously be a functioning heating source for your home. But, make it your own and don’t let anything in your home be boring.