How LinkedIn Learning is contributing to online education

Launching LinkedIn Learning

Online education is becoming very common today. It has become one of the easiest ways to acquire education because there are detailed videos in which professionals put you through the details of the course you are studying. Furthermore, you can learn at your own pace, at your own time and without having to travel to the country where the company offering the online learning course is located. Millions of people have today taken advantage of the online courses such as Simplilearn and LInkedIn Learning to either learn a new skill or get a certification that they can use to boost their CV to get the right job for them and get a promotion at work.

One of the platforms that are at the forefront of online education is LinkedIn Learning. The history of LinkedIn Learning can be traced back to 1995 when was founded by Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin to provide online education. In 2015, LinkedIn bought the platform from the founders. Microsoft further bought LinkedIn and the educational platform in December 2016. Hence, from 2017, the platform is now known as LinkedIn Learning.

The platform has since been improved with over 5,000 courses available on the platform. Most of the courses are in the areas of creative skills, technology, and business development. The platform allows their students to find courses, track the courses and complete them based on their interests and fields.

For those who are interested in getting certifications at the end of their online course, they can get a Completion Certificate from LinkedIn Learning when a student completes a course on the platform. New customers can get a one-month free subscription and learning on the platform, after which they will be expected to pay a time-based subscription after using the first month.

Apart from the certifications, considering that the LinkedIn Platform is a professional platform where employers find employees, there is also the feature that allows students to add courses they have completed on their profile. Hence, if you are hoping to get a job or job recommendations from LinkedIn, courses you have completed from LinkedIn Learning showing on your profile could contribute significantly to helping you get your dream job.

LinkedIn Learning allows students to share videos from their learning subscription. The fact that the video can be shared on the feed of the student or to specific individuals implies that students can provide other people that see their feeds or specific individuals with videos from their paid subscription. Hence, those who see the video can benefit from the money that the student has paid.

If you are wondering how long it would take you to complete a course on LinkedIn, then the duration will be dependent on the type of course that you are interested in. Some of the courses can be completed in as little as within 5 minutes while other courses will take as long as 10 hours before they are completed. With the more than 5,000 courses on LinkedIn Learning and the fact that some of the courses would be easier to understand than others depending on the instructors, you might want to take some time to check through the platform before settling for a course. This is especially when you want to learn any of the courses that take a longer time to complete.