How to Spot Blood Clot Symptoms, And What to Do About It

Blood clots are an extremely uncommon but serious side result of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, regulators announced on Wednesday.

The added benefits of AstraZeneca’s vaccine however outweigh the threats, the European Medications Agency (EMA) said in a press release. Nevertheless, the agency’s security committee stated it is really critical to know the symptoms of a feasible clot.


A blood clot occurs when the blood thickens and varieties a semi-reliable mass. It can be a beneficial response to halt bleeding in the case of injuries, but these blockages can trigger difficulties if they minimize off blood flow to a very important space.

Blood clots can result in blockages in the legs, abdomen, and lungs. Most of the blood clots associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine have happened in veins in people’s brains.

These clots, recognized as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), can direct to stroke, seizures, and demise.

So much, most of the clots claimed have transpired in ladies beneath 60 several years of age in just two months of vaccination.

Due to the fact young people are far more possible to practical experience this facet result, Uk vaccine regulators endorse that people less than 30 do not get the AstraZeneca shot unless they’ve by now received their initial dose.

Blood clot indications include things like shortness of breath and complications

The EMA explained clients who got the AstraZeneca vaccine really should find healthcare support promptly if they have the subsequent indicators:

  • shortness of breath
  • chest agony
  • swelling in your leg
  • persistent stomach (tummy) pain
  • neurological indications, like extreme and persistent complications or blurred eyesight


Some mild side results, like soreness at the injection internet site or other entire body aches, are prevalent in the days write-up-vaccine.

But if you expertise critical or persistent indicators about four to 20 times right after vaccination, you ought to request health-related awareness, in accordance to the World Wellbeing Business.

Blood clots are commonly taken care of with anti-clotting treatment. Troubles can be prevented if the clot is caught early.

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