Latest Results on Peanut Allergy Treatment Are In, And They’re Super Promising

A pioneering new research is featuring new hope to peanut allergy sufferers.

It might be feasible to lower the severity of allergic reactions to peanuts, study released in The Lancet Baby & Adolescent Health suggests.


Peanut allergy is the primary cause of foodstuff-similar anaphylaxis, the report states, with million folks suffering from the allergy in the US.

The number of sufferers has soared in current a long time, way too, with a 2017 study suggesting prevalence in little ones experienced risen 21 % due to the fact 2010.

The new research involved a demo, identified as the Artemis demo, carried out at hospitals throughout Europe.

a hundred seventy five little ones with peanut allergy symptoms aged four to seventeen took portion in the study, which saw them specified possibly expanding amounts of peanut allergen protein or a placebo every working day.

Those who took the peanut protein have been specified a a bit bigger dose every two weeks for six months, soon after which stage the similar dose was maintained for 3 months.

The scientists located that 58 % of little ones who’d taken the peanut protein could tolerate at least 3 to four peanuts by the close of the demo.

It as opposed to just two % of people specified the placebo.

The scientists concluded that the treatment method “led to rapid desensitization to peanut protein.”

The study does not suggest peanut allergy sufferers will before long be ready to eat peanut butter by the spoonful, even so the scientists hope it could mean significantly less critical reactions from accidental exposure to the nuts.


A person participant, James Redman, twelve, told The Instances that he can now tolerate up to seven peanuts soon after previously suffering critical reactions to any peanut traces.

“Taking portion in the research was the finest opportunity of my lifestyle,” he stated.

“The nurses and doctors have been actually caring and terrific fun. I did not mind the taste of the peanut protein as I bought to combine it with chocolate pudding which was terrific.

“I actually hope the research qualified prospects to a treatment method so that other little ones with a peanut allergy can gain.”

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