Man Sustains Erection For 12 Hours After Smoking Cannabis, Case Study Reveals

Priapism, a unpleasant erection that just will never go absent – occasionally for several hours – can arise because of to many brings about. The most frequent is treatment, specially if it truly is one thing like sildenafil (improved regarded as Viagra). It can also be a facet outcome of sickle mobile sickness or leukaemia, or a consequence of nerve hurt.


Cannabis, on the other hand, has a status for most likely contributing to erectile dysfunction… but not for the just one unfortunate guy specific in a new medical scenario report.

The 32-12 months-previous suffered from priapism on various events, and just about every time it transpired right after he’d been smoking cigarettes weed. Doctors at the Coliseum Health-related Heart in Georgia element the sorry tale of their affected individual, who confirmed up at the crisis room 2 times over two weeks with erections that would not go down for several hours.

The to start with scenario lasted twelve several hours, and the second lasted six right before he was provided injections of phenylephrine to alleviate the inflammation.

Obtaining ruled out any underlying overall health issues or the common suspect prescription drugs, his medical group turned to the man’s drug routines.

“He admitted to smoking cigarettes hashish various evenings per 7 days for the previous six months, together with inside the two-hour period prior to just about every presenting episode of priapism,” the medical professionals compose in the scenario report.

“Throughout this time, the affected individual had 4 or more episodes of a persistent erection lasting close to 4 several hours that were being self-resolving.”


As significantly as the medical professionals could discover, this was the lone scenario in which weed use was the only matter that could be leading to priapism, so they desired to discover out more.

“He admitted a heritage of hashish use at age sixteen and seventeen, for the duration of which time he had recurrent priapism lasting considerably less than 4 several hours and never requiring medical procedure,” the group writes.

“He quit hashish use in his twenties, and for the duration of this period did not have any episodes of priapism.”

But when the man started smoking cigarettes weed all over again six months before, the unwelcome erections returned.

Despite the fact that the medical professionals are quite certain it was indeed hashish use leading to the priapism, they don’t truly know why. They speculate that it could be because of to just one of the compounds in weed, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), interacting with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, and halting the penis from returning to flaccid.

But it could also just be the cannabinoids directly influencing the vascular procedure and rising blood circulation.

Or, the medical professionals recommend, it could be that the ongoing smoking cigarettes of hashish induced increased activation of platelets, perhaps leading to clots and halting blood from exiting the penis.

A lot more research will will need to be accomplished to discover out the actual brings about, but at this phase it could possibly not appear from the 32-12 months-previous.

Soon after his problem was settled, the medical professionals lost get hold of when striving to stick to up.

The scenario report has been published in the Journal of Hashish Exploration.