It cannot be denied that there are some people who have excessive hair, and even unwanted hair growth. This is due to some hormonal imbalance that causes the hair to grow faster than the normal rate. Moreover, there are also some areas in the body which are not suppose to grow hair, but are growing hair. Aside from fact that excessive and unwanted hair are not aesthetically pleasant to look at; these cause the person to be inconvenient. It is definitely a big task to remove hair all the time. In addition, some people are so uncomfortable about it that they have withdrawn socially. Therefore, the effects of excessive hair and unwanted hair growth are not only physical but emotional as well.

These are reasons enough for people suffering from these to seek professional help. The two most successful methods of hair removal that are employed by medical specialists are electrolysis and laser hair removal. Although the mechanisms used in both methods are similar, the procedures are physically distinctive from one another. Generally, the main objective of hair removal is creating heat in the hair follicle for growth to be stunted. However, the creation and application of this heat differs in electrolysis and laser clinic australia hair removal.

In electrolysis, a machine is used for generating a galvanating electric current. You don’t really have to be alarmed with this procedure since the electric current generated in electrolysis is different from consumer electric current. As soon as the current is generated, a needle is inserted into each hair follicle, and the current is allowed to flow through it to the hair follicle. This electric current heats and fries the hair follicles. This process is slow, time consuming, and operator dependent. You could just imagine the amount of hair follicles that need to be inserted with the needle. Moreover, the operator has to be sufficiently skilled in performing the procedure since hair follicles are embedded under the skin with an angle of around 30 to 35 degrees. Indeed, a lot of skill is required in order to effectively apply heat.

On the other hand, the laser hair removal method or the IPL system employs the use of a laser in generating the heat needed to in frying the hair follicles. The principle that is used in the laser hair removal technology is the absorption of a certain wavelength of light through certain colors. The light that is absorbed by the color is then converted into heat which heats up and fries the hair follicles. This procedure is less taxing, faster, and “safer” than most methods. Although one big disadvantage is the cost, a lot of people are still opting for this procedure in excessive and unwanted hair removal.