Study of More Than 55,000 COVID-19 Cases Reveals a Predictable Order of Symptoms

A new examine on the world-wide pandemic has found people who contract COVID-19 may exhibit a predictable sequence of symptoms, and the purchase differs from what we working experience with flu and other coronaviruses.


So considerably, proof implies the most possible purchase of first COVID-19 symptoms tends to get started with a fever and then development to a cough and muscle mass pain, followed by nausea and/or vomiting, and last of all, diarrhea.

Whilst the symptoms them selves are not especially special, the purchase in which they arrive is different to other respiratory viruses, and the authors feel their model could assist to distinguish new situations, therefore helping us to restrict the spread of the ailment.

Employing Environment Overall health Organisation (WHO) info from more than fifty five,000 confirmed situations in China, the authors in contrast COVID-19’s purchase of symptoms to thousands of influenza situations collected by the University of Michigan, just about 150 extreme acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) situations in the Toronto spot, and a handful of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) situations reported in Korea. 

An influenza infection was found to start off with a cough and then a fever. And whilst MERS and SARS may possibly get started similarly to COVID-19, the lessen gastrointestinal tract is typically impacted 1st, top to diarrhea in advance of nausea and vomiting. 

“The purchase of the symptoms matters,” says Joseph Larsen who researches computational biology and bioinformatics at the University of Southern California.


“Figuring out that every health issues progresses otherwise implies that medical professionals can determine faster regardless of whether someone possible has COVID-19, or one more health issues, which can assist them make improved therapy conclusions.”

When the researchers simulated the symptoms of COVID-19 for 500,000 sufferers, they found “a most widespread purchase of discernible symptoms… that is also different from other notable respiratory illnesses.” 

Even when the authors provided other symptoms like sore throat, headache and tiredness, the purchase of the four most possible first symptoms remained the same.

Given that fever appears to typically appear 1st, having someone’s temperature could be a legitimate screening system.

The United States Centres for Ailment Manage and Avoidance (CDC) previously advises that men and women get their temperature in advance of leaving isolation to make positive it really is harmless, and this new investigation backs that up.

“We are not proposing first symptoms as a diagnostic examination, but instead as a attainable signal to get tested,” the authors compose.

COVID-19 is more contagious than influenza and it tends to break out in clusters. If we can improved advise the general public on its purchase of symptoms, this may possibly assist us more rapidly determine and quarantine situations in advance of they spread additional.

Bob Lahita, a rheumatologist not affiliated with the examine, instructed CBS news that the new model of symptoms was “a very good manual”.

Even if the ailment doesn’t current exactly the same in everybody, having to pay shut interest to first symptoms of respiratory bacterial infections could enable us to tease aside standard cycles of sickness from the present world-wide pandemic.

The examine was revealed in Frontiers in Community Overall health.