The Winners of Our 9th Annual Student Editorial Contest

Victor Xu, age 14, The Crescent University, Toronto: “Our Instructional System Should really Greater Serve Introverted Students”

Sanjana Yasna, age 16, Stuyvesant High Faculty, New York, N.Y.: “Let’s End the Period of time of Shame”

Sarah Yee, age 15, Granite Bay High University, Granite Bay, Calif.: “Open Your Eyes to See Mine Are Not Your Trend”

Hanna Zhao, age 14, John Jay Superior College, South Salem, N.Y.: “Makeup’s Skeleton in the Closet: Mica Mining”

A PDF of all the winners and 150 more terrific editorials that produced it to Round 4.

From The New York Times Feeling segment: Cornelia Channing, Michelle Cottle, Alex Ellerbeck, Rollin Hu, Alex Kingsbury, Phoebe Lett and Sue Mermelstein

From The New York Occasions: Erica Ackerberg, Kirsten Akens, Isaac Aronow, Edward Bohan, Elda Cantú, Patricia Castillo, Dana Davis, Gabriela Del Paso, Sarah Diamond, Alexandra Eaton, Vivian Giang, Robyn Inexperienced, Emma Grillo, Aimee Harris, Kari Haskell, Michaella Heavey, Miya Lee, Anastasia Marks, Kathleen Massara, Andy Newman, Amelia Nierenberg, Sona Patel, Anushka Patil, Ken Paul, Raegen Pietrucha, Juanita Powell-Brunson, Robin Redfearn, Jaclyn Reiss, Steven Rocker, Kristina Samulewski, Juliette Seive, Ana Sosa, Annam Swanson and Mark Walsh