Top collegiate inventors awarded 2020 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize

Following a nationwide research for the most inventive undergraduate and graduate higher education pupils, the Lemelson-MIT System has announced the winners of the 2020 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize. The plan awarded a overall of $75,000 in prizes to 3 undergraduate groups and 3 unique graduate scholar inventors. This year’s inventions array from a compostable, biodegradable single-use plastic bag to a new gasoline gauging product that accurately detects gasoline stages in spacecraft and plane tanks.

“We are thrilled by this year’s team of winners. The pandemic has not slowed the development of these pupils on their inventions. They all know their perform has the ability to strengthen the environment, which is why they are even now engaged in testing even with social distancing,” claims Lemelson-MIT System School Director and School of Engineering Associate Dean of Innovation Michael J. Cima.

The Lemelson-MIT Student Prize is supported by The Lemelson Foundation. The prize acknowledges younger inventors who have devoted by themselves to solving world-wide issues in the fields of well being treatment, transportation and mobility, foods/h2o and agriculture, and client equipment and solutions. Recipients were selected from a varied and extremely aggressive pool of applicants from colleges and universities throughout the United States. 

“Congratulations to this year’s prize winners, who obviously demonstrate their collective passion for solving large troubles,” notes Carol Dahl, executive director at The Lemelson Foundation. “Their creativity and accomplishments are an inspiration for all pupils and demonstrate us that the potential to deal with vital issues can be identified throughout our nation.”

2020 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize Winners

The “Use it!” Lemelson-MIT Student Prize benefits technologies-based inventions that include client equipment and solutions. Winners are:

Nylon is the underlying substance for clothing, vehicle sections, parachutes, hearth-fighting gear, and quite a few other solutions, still the manufacturing system final results in the release of major amounts of greenhouse gas. Blanco’s creation allows for far more sustainable nylon manufacturing that employs 30 % fewer electricity and 30 % fewer uncooked substance, and generates 30 % fewer emissions, which qualified prospects to a 20 % reduction in production expenses. This adaptable technologies brings together machine understanding and chemical engineering and can be implemented to strengthen the manufacturing of a multitude of chemical solutions. 

The Neptune team invented a biodegradable and compostable plastic movie that is created into single-use bags meant for shipping and delivery and packaging uses. Their plastic bags are protected for wildlife to try to eat, can be used as a fertilizer for soil after decomposition, and go away driving no microplastics.

The “Move it!” Lemelson-MIT Student Prize benefits technologies-based inventions that include transportation and mobility. This year’s winners are:

Fuel gauges on spacecraft and plane are notoriously ineffective towards factors like temperature modify, gasoline chemistry, or sloshing of gasoline due to turbulence. Frequent motion of the gasoline makes it difficult for the recent technologies to accurately go through gasoline stages, placing pilots and astronauts at threat of unknowingly touring without having more than enough gasoline. The modal propellant gauging, or MPG technologies, is a way of gauging the quantity of gasoline still left in a tank by utilizing vibrations and frequencies. MPG employs sensors and software program to “listen” to the appears coming from the tank in buy to accurately gauge the remaining quantity of gasoline.

The “Eat it!” Lemelson-MIT Student Prize benefits technologies-based inventions that include foods/h2o and agriculture. The winner is:

The area of engineered living supplies (ELM) is helping to remedy h2o supply issues, still it presents troubles for prevalent genuine-environment deployment due to scalability, cost, and security. Tang’s creation, Syn-SCOBY, is a new ELM that is a robust synthetic symbiotic society of microbes and yeast. This creation allows for the sustainable manufacturing of engineered bacterial cellulose-based useful supplies without having the need to have for lab products, and can be used by any person at property in their kitchen area to properly and inexpensively detect and take away pollutants in h2o. Tang is a graduate scholar in the Section of Organic Engineering.

The “Cure it!” Lemelson-MIT Student Prize benefits technologies-based inventions that include well being treatment. The winners are:

Amputee clients are not able to feel their ecosystem by their prosthetic equipment, earning it difficult for them to interact with objects all-around them. Srinivasan’s creation, the Cutaneous Mechanoneural Interface (CMI), is a kind of surgical system that would create a new organ-like composition for amputees that would let them to perception what their prosthesis feels, thus major to increased mobility and feeling so that the patient’s independence and productiveness are not inhibited. Srinivasan, now a postdoc at the Koch Institute, did her graduate perform in the Harvard-MIT System in Wellness Sciences and Know-how and the Biomechatronics team at the MIT Media Lab.

Internal bleeding has an effect on millions of men and women throughout the world, and the only recent solution is high priced, difficult to use, and does not universally healthy each and every dimensions of blood vessel. Augeo’s ground breaking, new substance can immediately expand to quite a few moments its dimensions by filling with blood, ensuing in a lower-cost, easy solution that permanently stops bleeding in the quite a few blood vessel sizes in the course of the human body.

Winners were selected based on the general inventiveness of their perform, the invention’s probable for commercialization or adoption, and youth mentorship experience.

Collegiate inventors fascinated in making use of for the 2021 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize can discover far more facts listed here. The 2021 Student Prize software will open up in May 2020.

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