Virtual Events and the US Presidential Election 2012

We all know it. This year is a special year for the U.S. citizens. They are all set to elect their 57th President on November, 6, 2012. People are expecting a big fight between the current President Barack Obama and the Republican candidate Mitt Romney (the Former Governor of Massachusetts).

Both the political parties are spending billions of dollars to better communicate with the masses and reach out to them at the fastest possible way. In every presidential election, candidates rely heavily on various new communication tactics to convey their memorandum to the people of the country at large, in the shortest possible time span.

President Obama is a master communicator, embracing all sorts of traditional and modern technologies to connect on a more humane level with the masses. We already know how he has used the Web 2.0 technology to address the whole nation. President Obama used the internet, more precisely social media to organize his supporters in a great way. Till date, President Obama has collected millions of dollars arranging online donation campaigns via social media.

As we move closer to the date of the 2012 election, one thing is crystal clear – internet is going to play (it is already playing) a big role to win a place in the White House. Candidates are looking for various possible ways to enhance and engage people with their movements. One such way can be hosting virtual events or hybrid events to win the confidence of guys and girls more than ever in the history of the United States.

Let’s discuss about the 3 most important ways virtual events that may help in choosing the next U.S.  President.

Achieve Better Reach by Hosting Hybrid Events

Let’s begin with an example. You have arranged a meeting in the coming week and of course you want people to participate in large numbers. Now, there may be people who are unable to attend your event because of some personal reasons. It is here that a virtual event can help you get maximum people to your show. People can easily participate in your show from home with just a PC or laptop with an internet connection.

These events also tend to be more interactive than normal face-to-face meetings in the sense the participants can ask you questions, comment offer suggestions, as well as chat with the other attendees in real-time. Besides, people who are generally shy in nature can easily come up with their suggestions or views through chats. Through live chats and interactions, you can convince people to vote for you as well as make donations and tell their peers to contribute as well! You can expand your supporter base by organizing such events more and more in future.

Providing a Platform for Rewarding Active Members

Before every election campaign, political parties try to win over the people and a good way of doing that is actively involving them in your party activities. Virtual events provide a perfect platform for turning passive supporters into active participants. For example, you exercise the option of rewarding volunteers / attendees when they complete certain tasks on time such a: bringing a certain number of donors, sharing campaign related news on social media, and more. At this time Romania also immediately organized this routine event. Presedinte Romania Election held in 2019 will be the determination of the fate of Romanian people in the next 10 years.

Generating New Fundraising Opportunities

Virtual events can provide the opportunity for candidates to increase the size of individual donations. For example, candidates might establish invitation-only virtual events for their top online donors.  These events may feature live chat sessions with the candidates in addition to early or exclusive access to campaign related content.