WFH Tips For Better Productivity

2020 completely changed the equation of work for everyone. WFH which set out to be temporary has now become a lifestyle. However, it comes with its ups and downs. However, we need to get accustomed to this routine because it is here for the long term and it’s not an excuse to perform poorly at work. If you have been feeling like you need to pull your socks up and start getting back to the grind in full force, then here are a few tips that might help you!

Dress Up

Also known as enclothed embodiment, this works on the logic that when you are dressed up to look like someone going to work, then you feel like it too. Feeling refreshed and energetic before work is very important and when you dress up it sets you in the mood to do something. Dressing up has helped a lot of people in the past with WFH and it is a tested technique to perform better at work.

You don’t have to be dressed up fancy, you could just wear casual clothes, but make sure you get out of bed and change into a fresh pair of clothes. This will awaken your mind and let you focus better.

Set Up Your Environment

A lot of companies have provided additional funds to their employees so that they can set up a good WFH environment. This has allowed people to invest in tables and chairs or any other equipment required to set the ‘office mood’ at home. You cannot work where you eat or sleep, which is why you must always have a work table and space to keep your head straight.

Setting the vibe around you truly helps and it lets you escape from the sad WFH reality at times and truly pay attention to the assigned work. Choose a quiet and comfortable spot where you can work without getting disturbed. A small place near a window or a study room is the perfect example. You need to stay away from distractions.

Set a Time Table

If you are working from home you need to be consistent with the time you follow. You cannot simply change your work hours every day. Sleep and food are major contributors to your mental health and peace. If you follow a rough and inconsistent cycle, it will have implications on your work performance and you will be tired and burnt out very easily. You can set a fixed schedule that you follow so that it feels more like an office and less like home.

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Major concern and complaint are that people often find it hard to concentrate on work from home and their productivity levels decrease. This is due to many reasons such as the comfort of home, the liberty to have work hours flexibility, and just the presence of a bed around while working. Follow these tips to avoid these reasons that hold you back and reflect poor work performance.