May 26, 2022


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Activity: High Tech High and ‘Why PBL?’

Here’s an action to do with your educators…

  1. Look at this video clip (it’s possible 3 situations?)

  1. Try to answer the next queries about the online video (a single focal issue per viewing?)

What are learners accomplishing? (e.g., they are developing some thing, they are cooking, they’re creating)

Exactly where are the configurations in which they’re accomplishing it? (e.g., they are at the beach, they are in an art place, they are out in a field)

How are they undertaking their do the job? (e.g., they are collaborating around a screen, they’re conversing to people today on the street, they’re reducing boards)

  1. How is this understanding very similar to or distinct from the discovering that our pupils encounter domestically? How usually do our pupils get to learn this way and in which courses and options?
  2. What are the benefits of this kind of finding out for pupils and do we want more of this regionally? Why or why not?

Many thanks for the source, Significant Tech Significant!