Advantages of Christian Home Schooling


Everyday homeschooling is becoming more popular, especially among Christian families. Consider these concepts about Christian homeschooling to help decide if homeschooling is right for your children.

Stated in the bible is the text that children will not stray from what they are taught. Proverbs 22:6 argues well on this, placing a high value on a child’s education: ‘train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.’ One verse in particular stands out as a clear argument for raising children to be upright, and will definitely stand out to parents thinking about homeschooling their children. If you desire that your young ones have Christian values throughout their life, it will likely begin with Christian education very early in their life. Homeschooling is another option to think about if you feel a public school does not meet your child’s needs.

Homeschooling permits you to have more influence on your kids. Convenience may be argued as an advantage of public schools, but homeschooling has its bonuses as well. Educating your child in your Christian home and spending more time with your children is certainly a bonus of homeschooling. Your child will see you modeling Christian morals and values more often if that is how you behave around them. The way you behave will have more of an outcome on your kids, if you have more time to persuade them in your Christian customs. Homeschooling allows parents to raise their children learning the gospel and away from the effects of public school peers and teachers.

More lessons can have a central religious theme. Homeschooled kids get more religious teaching than at public school. This is for the reason that the parent can exercise more control over the coaching imparted. Public schools have to stay on track with the government curriculum while homeschooling is much more lenient. In homeschool, you can put your beliefs about Christ into any lesson you like. You won’t have to worry about school teaching the subject of evolution in biology, you can teach creationism. Lessons about history can refer to stories of Jesus’ time. Tithing could also be a good subject for math class. Control your own study program for your child during a homeschooling lesson, without any backlash from the school board or administration. You will have peace of mind that your child will receive exactly the education that you want him to have.

Avoid bad influences with homeschooling. Public school contains children from a variety of backgrounds and upbringings. They will be exposed to alcohol, drugs, pornography, and criminal behavior at open schools. Peer pressure is a potent force for your young student to contend with in public schools.  At home in your care, your child will be less likely to fall off of the path of the Lord. Homeschool helps Christian parents keep a track of the behavior of their children. Christian parents have many choices for their children when they are taught at home.

There are many great reasons for removing your children from the public school system, especially with the variety of homeschooling resources available to Christian parents.

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