I really like cooking with fire, savoring fires in our fire at dwelling, and constructing campfires when our spouse and children goes tenting. I wrote about this a bit in my prior publish, &#8220Identification and Fire Cooking.&#8221 For the previous yr or so, we&#8217ve experienced a buddy&#8217s &#8220almost damaged&#8221 plasma Tv set in our visitor bed room, serving as a large digital image frame many thanks to a $25 component to HDMI video clip sign converter. (The built-in HDMI port on the Tv is damaged, so my pal was heading to discard this Television set.) Before this week, looking at Google Image &#8220latest highlights&#8221 shared in &#8220ambient mode&#8221 on the Chromecast connected to that Television, I understood I could make an overall album of pics of just &#8220Fire.&#8221 So I did. Google&#8217s synthetic intelligence (AI) algorithms are smart adequate to detect every single photograph in my selection of countless numbers (which now auto-upload by using the Google Pictures iOS application) which have Fire in them. This is SO Great!

Starting a FIRE in our Fireplace by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
“Setting up a Fireplace in our Hearth” (CC BY-SA 2.) by Wesley Fryer

I can not understate how encouraging, affirming, and even Everyday living Offering it is to see aged pictures of our relatives from past many years, specially owning fun collectively camping. It&#8217s a signal of old age I&#8217m positive, Shelly and I are on the edge (4 months away or so, depending on university choice) from getting to be &#8220empty nesters.&#8221 Our &#82203 birds&#8221 are going to be dwelling away from us, and it will just be us and the canines at residence&#8230 and geographically, &#8220household&#8221 is even heading to transform dramatically. Significant changes are afoot.

Colorado Camping August 2018 by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
“Colorado Tenting August 2018” (CC BY 2.) by Wesley Fryer

Identity is a curious and exciting construct. I learned (generally from Michael Wesch) that our identities are generally fashioned by the external alerts and inputs we get from other individuals in our environment. So when I see shots of our household tenting, of campfires and hearth fires I have developed, I am reminded of persons I really like and matters I adore to do. Yes, I am observing Digital photographs of these issues, but perceptually there is small big difference. These visuals deliver me Joy and assist me &#8220ideologically marinate&#8221 in delighted views.

Watching the fire by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
“Observing the fire” (CC BY 2.) by Wesley Fryer

I enjoy the &#8220serendipitous rediscovery&#8221 which can occur by means of algorithms and systems like Google Image smart albums and Chromecast ambient mode on a huge structure tv. Very similar to the suggestions I share in my workshop, &#8220Getting Helpful Thoughts,&#8221 it&#8217s doable to established ourselves up for serendipitous encounters with effective and most likely lifestyle-modifying thoughts. This can also be real for pictures and the concepts / emotions / thoughts which go with them.

There are darkish sides to impressive technologies, but there are also incredibly superb, positive, and constructive takes advantage of of effective systems way too. I appreciate harnessing the power of &#8220AI Image Magic&#8221 to take pleasure in photographs and recollections of very good moments our spouse and children has shared, in this case with campfires, cooking fires and fireplace fires!

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