Archaeologists Find 40 Beheaded Roman Skeletons With Skulls Between Their Legs

About 40 beheaded skeletons ended up among the 425 bodies discovered in a late Roman cemetery uncovered by archeologists in southern England.

The workforce of around 50 archeologists created the discovery in the course of an excavation at Fleet Marston, in the vicinity of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, on the route of the multi-billion pound significant-velocity rail link that is now beneath building, HS2 said.


All over 10 per cent of the bodies had been decapitated. Quite a few experienced their heads put amongst their legs or following to their toes.

Archeologists said that 1 interpretation could be that the decapitated skeletons were criminals or outcasts, even though decapitation was a “typical, albeit marginal, burial rite” for the duration of the late Roman period. 

More than the next several a long time, the researchers will review the exhumed skeletons, offering an prospect to master a lot more about Roman civilization’s historic lifestyles, eating plan, and beliefs.

“All human remains uncovered will be addressed with dignity, treatment, and respect and our discoveries will be shared with the local community,” Helen Wass, head of heritage at HS2 Ltd said.

The group also uncovered above 1,200 cash at the internet site, along with many direct weights indicating that this was an spot of trade and commerce. 

A brooch and 6-sided die. (HS2)

Domestic objects which include spoons, pins, and brooches have been observed, as nicely as gaming dice and bells which advise gambling and spiritual activity took place there much too.

The Romans dominated Britain from 43 CE to 410 CE. 

“The excavation is considerable in both of those enabling a obvious characterization of this Roman city but also a analyze of several of its inhabitants,” Richard Brown, Senior Job Manager for COPA reported.

Fleet Marston is a single of much more than 100 archaeological websites that have been unearthed since 2018 as the development of the HS2 line functioning from London to Birmingham has been created.

Archeologists have been ready to uncover wealthy specifics about life in Roman Britain, almost two thousand years ago, via their excavation get the job done.

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