Archaeology: Ancient string discovery sheds light on Neanderthal life

The discovery of the oldest acknowledged direct evidence of fibre technology — using purely natural fibres to develop yarn — is documented in Scientific Experiences this 7 days. The finding furthers our understanding of the cognitive talents of Neanderthals for the duration of the Center Palaeolithic period of time (thirty,000-three hundred,000 several years ago).

Bruce Hardy and colleagues discovered a 6-millimetre-extended cord fragment consisting of 3 bundles of fibres twisted together and adhering to a 60-millimetre-extended, slender stone instrument. The authors speculate that the cord was wrapped about the instrument as a manage or was aspect of a net or bag that contains the instrument. They day the cord fragment, which they discovered in Abri du Maras, France, to concerning forty one,000-fifty two,000 several years ago. Using spectroscopy and microscopy, they identified that the cord most likely is made up of fibres taken from the interior bark of a non-flowering tree this kind of as a conifer.

The authors recommend that production of the cord would have necessary comprehensive information of the advancement and seasonality of the trees used. They also speculate that Neanderthals may have desired an understanding of mathematical principles and primary numeracy abilities to develop bundles of fibres (yarn), the 3-ply cord and rope from many cords.

Prior to this discovery the oldest discovered fibre fragments in the Ohalo II web-site in Israel dated back to about 19,000 several years ago. The results of the new study recommend that fibre technology is significantly older, and that the cognitive talents of Neanderthals may have been additional very similar to these of fashionable individuals than previously imagined.


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Immediate evidence of Neanderthal fibre technology and its cognitive and behavioral implications

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