Awareness of Renewable Energy: A Digital and Conventional Approach


Renewable energy is set to become or as widely believed has become, the growing need of the hour with alarming changes in the climate, for instance including the research report that says California’s drought this year is the worst in 1200 years. Even if not for the sake of climate, and as there is a claim that climate change is spurious, which is debated politically, the use of clean energy is by any means helpful for the longevity of our planet and hence can make our species thrive for more number of years when compared to its negligence.

Nevertheless the scope of the article is to analyse the reach of the availability of renewable energy resources among the masses rather than analysing the chances of earth’s survival, had clean energy been completely ignored.

The conventional form of energy has been in use for several years and it can be a great challenge to spread the word of renewable energy or clean energy to every corner of this earth, but cannot be written off as impossible. With the help of mobile devices and the reach of social media, but not just restricted to them alone, awareness can be brought with some painstaking efforts.

This article will analyse the efforts that can be put forward by renewable energy companies and other organizations that support clean energy to spread the awareness and to usher in a change.

Renewable energy marketing campaigns:

Like any other modern product, renewable energy can be marketed with the help of campaigns that makes its popularity flourish easily in a digital world with efforts including online marketing. Firms that sell conventional energy resources cannot be outmatched by the clean energy companies because of their size in terms of revenue, which is much smaller in addition to the popularity that they have already.

Thus the marketing campaigns of clean energy resources can be very tough, but can be improved slowly in making progress towards a better exposure towards the public with the right kind of marketing approach. Thanks to media space in digital marketing that it is not as costly as in Television or newspaper and hence gives clean energy resources an equal opportunity to stay in the competition. The following techniques can be effectively and strategically handled, which have been proved to be very useful so far in the existing popularity of renewable energy resources.

Blogs: This is one section which is followed and read by followers who are interested in the niche concepts-one can be renewable energy resources. Blog is a very effective tool in spreading the information to the masses relatively in a lesser period of time.

SM: Digital marketing initiatives are hollow if they are not optimized for social media. An estimate says that 1.96 billion of the world population would be using social media by 2015 and hence proves to be the cheapest and efficient medium to reach the people across boundaries, as it is becoming prevalent all over the world. One in four people in the world are using social media today. The role of social media posts and groups in making renewable energy resources popular is remarkable and there is more room for improvement to make the reach further deep into the society.

Education: Concentrating on the education sector for awareness on renewable energy resources cannot bear fruit immediately and it’s a long-term initiative that needs to be on the move for a better future of our planet.

Awareness campaigns: School, students and college students can be made aware of the availability of non renewable energy resources and its eco-friendly nature that offers an improved life span to our planet.

Renewable energy engineering: Energy engineering is a field of science that aims at improving the efficiency of energy used by developing renewable energy resources in a world of growing demand for energy. The services of an energy engineer are very much demanded even domestically as 40 percent of the energy in US are used up by buildings and houses in their HVAC, refrigeration etc.
The availability of such courses is not a well-known fact, even though the course is in existence since a few decades ago. Students should be motivated to take up such courses that helps environment and develop renewable energy resources, as these young talents can invest their knowledge and time in coming up with solutions for our clean energy challenges and for improving their efficiency.

NGO’s Initiatives: The role played by Non Governmental Organizations is very crucial in making awareness about non renewable energy resources as they will have the funding and other resources that can be handled effectively to spread the word.

Reaching the rural masses: Urban population can be made aware of the clean energy resources as they can be kept well-informed with the help of technology, whereas reaching the rural masses can be a challenge as literacy rates in developing and under developed countries are very low when compared to developed countries.

NGO’s can effectively organize campaigns and workshops that explains them the importance of using non renewable energy resources.

Government initiatives: Subsidies and tax exemptions: The governments of all countries can help promote the use of renewable energy resources by giving tax exemptions or subsidies that will spread the awareness so quickly even to the rural areas. This will not just spread the awareness, however would encourage people to use such resources instead of the conventional energy resources like fossil fuel etc.

Political will: Above all, as there is still a debate that if the climate change is real or not, it needs a strong political will for the policy makers and leaders to act responsibly to make the earth inhabitable for our future generation.

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