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blog details | What should you do if a pupil doesn’t even attempt a question? The Educator

By Mark Richards, 



We are firmly inside mock exam season ideal now and there can be nothing at all far more disheartening for a teacher than coming across a pupil’s test script which has a absolutely blank web page.

After all the planning and practice and really hard function, you discover that a pupil’s response to a issue is a large, body fat very little. It really is demoralising. And, in these Covid periods, the worth of mock tests as a variable in most likely awarding a ultimate quality can make the blank website page seem more high priced than ever. Sod’s legislation dictates that the gaps are normally on bigger tariff thoughts way too – the 20-mark process rather than the 1-mark dilemma. It is the style of omission that is practically going to be the variation among a single grade and one more – or even even worse.

So, what you a trainer do to help the pupil who has penned absolutely nothing?

Choose-me-up not punishment

Of class, the original reaction that a instructor feels when they see the blank website page could well be just one of stress. Other pupils have answered the problem, why has not this 1? Though it is beautifully comprehensible for a instructor to feel disappointed, it is very important that this irritation is not communicated to the pupil.

If coming throughout a blank site and the realisation that a pupil has not even tried a query is disheartening and demoralising for the trainer, just envision how it feels for the pupil. It is crucial that the pupil is made available assistance, not punishment.

It is worthwhile emphasising to both equally the pupils and mom and dad the importance of mock examinations. For case in point, in conditions of offers of sixth-form or college destinations – and the uncertainty around Covid and how teacher-assessed grades might be required again this 12 months. Nevertheless, the focus definitely needs to be on beginning a dialogue with the university student to determine why they felt not able to create anything at all at all. The only way of getting rid of the barrier that exists in the pupil’s mind all around a question is to discover the good reasons why it is there in the to start with area. It could be that it was basically a timing concern. It’s possible the pupil feels that they have a gap in their expertise. The pupil could have just felt overwhelmed by the total knowledge.

The relevance of offering opinions

The concentrate with all aspects of mock examination general performance need to be on comments. To the university student who has not published everything, there is the temptation to merely give them a different possibility to have another go 
on the query. Not to set far too finer a issue on it, this will be a total waste of time. After all, there was obviously a reason of some form why the pupil did not respond to the dilemma in the to start with area. 

The finest way ahead is to emphasis on giving high-quality feedback to the full class.

It is a superior plan to share examples of great responses, but this is not adequate on its own. The procedure at the rear of answering a unique issue should be spelled out, clarified – and absolutely comprehended by all pupils.
Provide a composition to reply the query

Following on from this, it’s truly worth remembering that there is a components to answer all forms of inquiries – unquestionably at GCSE degree. Despite the fact that versions and templates can be limiting at the major end of the skill assortment, for people of center to low capability, these types of constructions can present a important lifeline. If you give pupils a easy framework to comply with, it can just take away the anxiety of the blank web page. Obtaining around that very first hurdle is all-essential.



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