May 26, 2022


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Cinco de Mayo: Changing the Narrative

Cinco de Mayo is an option to rejoice Hispanic or Mexican heritage with your college students. But Cinco de Mayo’s importance is generally misunderstood and misrepresented, in spite of the value of honoring the working day with historical precision, an comprehension of cultural appropriation, and prosperous stories of Hispanic and Mexican culture.   

From its origins marking the Battle of Puebla to now, certain aspects of Cinco de Mayo’s history and heritage have morphed into a U.S. holiday getaway celebrating tacos, kitschy sombreros, and use of tequila, in honor of Mexico’s Independence Working day. Here’s a brief overview of the story of Cinco de Mayo:  

  • Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s celebration of victory towards the French in 1862 and facilities on a single battle: The Fight of Puebla. 

  • Mexico acquired independence from Spain 52 years before, celebrating Fiestas Patrias (Independence Day) on September 16. 

  • Ergo, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Working day.  

  • The holiday break is to keep in mind the heroism of the 4,000 Mexican troops in the Fight of Puebla above 8,000 French troops.   

A person more point that might shock you: 

  • In accordance to Mexican record, tacos, a common avenue food, and Cinco de Mayo seriously never have any link to a person one more.  

Educators are billed with sharing and educating about cultural heritage correctly and respectfully. How can you alter the narrative to honor Mexico and Hispanic heritage on Cinco de Mayo, and keep away from stereotypes and misinformation? We have collected assets to help you!  

When you have decided how you will strategy the holiday getaway, the adhering to means can support your organizing:

  •  Look at connecting Cinco De Mayo’s historical past to resilience and the overcoming of road blocks. “Three Strategies to Re-Declare Cinco de Mayo,” by Zaretta Hammond discusses how the day honors “Mexican’s force back in opposition to the would-be oppressors.” 

  • Discovering for Justice’s article, “What is Cinco De Mayo” by Lauryn Mascareñaz provides several recommendations for Cinco de Mayo-adjacent topics: 

    • The difference involving cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. 

    • The Grito de Dolores(Cry of Dolores) and how Mexico asserted its independence on September 16, 1810.  

    • Mexico’s historic civilizations, which include those that designed enormous pyramids and utilised hieroglyphs to generate calendars.  

  • In “The Real Background Guiding Cinco de Mayo,”  Nicole Martinez-LeGrand refers to Mole Poblano, the foods you must be eating to celebrate the holiday.  

  • Dr. Selena Kiser’s “Celebrating the Culture About Cinco de Mayo,” highlights classroom pursuits for the holiday getaway. 

  •’s “Clarify the Cinco de Mayo Historical past to College students in the United States,” incorporates a worksheet and video clip from the History Channel. 

  • Rethinking Cinco de Mayo,” by Sudie Hofmann and make sure historical past is taught with a truthful viewpoint, entire with connected resources connecting the holiday to latest occasions. 

  • The Smithsonian write-up, “Did You Know? Cinco de Mayo Celebrates the Struggle of Puebla?” by Erica R. Hendry summarizes the Struggle of Puebla and its spot in record. 

  • Clever text from the AP’s Maria Anglin, “Ahem, About that Sombrero,” explains why you could want to consider dropping that kitschy sombrero, along with any stereotypes about individuals who are Hispanic. 

  • 5 Guidelines to Share Cultural Appreciation With Your Pupils,” by Deepspacesparkle encourages us to look past commercialism to honor heritage and record.  

Wow! Your Cinco de Mayo toolkit is all stuffed up! Be sure to do enjoy tacos* and margaritas on Cinco de Mayo, with the know-how that your food alternative is not essentially representative of the holiday break. You have loads of resources to connect the 5th of Might to its record and why it should really be celebrated. Just by examining this weblog publish and exploring the assets, you are part of the solution for changing the narrative all around Cinco de Mayo.   


*Nobody’s dissing tacos on each Tuesday and Thursday, or any other sacred time of taco intake. I am an absolute taco advocate—anytime, wherever. It is just that, counter to common beliefs, there’s no particular connection among tacos (or margaritas, or tequila) and Cinco de Mayo.