May 27, 2022


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Condors Had ‘Virgin Births’ Despite Having Access to Fertile Mates, a First For Birds

Effects from a modern study by US wildlife experts identified that two woman California condors gave beginning to chicks with out any male genetic DNA, BBC noted.

“This is really an awesome discovery,” Oliver Ryder, director of conservation genetics at San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZWA) and a co-creator of the study, said in a push release. “We only verified it because of the usual genetic scientific studies we do to demonstrate parentage. Our results showed that equally eggs possessed the predicted male ZZ sexual intercourse chromosomes, but all markers ended up only inherited from [female condors], verifying our findings.”


Scientists produced the discovery all through a routine analysis of organic samples, which have been collected from extra than 900 condors over the past 3 decades as element of a collaboration concerning the zoo and the California Condor Method.

Previously, scientists experienced only noticed the unusual phenomenon of “virgin births” in specific species of birds – this kind of as domestic turkeys and chickens – that experienced been divided from males, according to the Journal of Heredity.

The births marked the initially documentation of asexual copy in an avian species the place the feminine chicken had entry to a mate. The two of the female condors ended up constantly housed with a fertile male and manufactured numerous offspring with mates about the several years, according to an SDZWA press launch.

According to the California Division of Fish and Wildlife, the California condor is a critically endangered species that has recuperated from borderline extinction thanks to big conservation attempts. Captive-bred California condors have been introduced through the Southwest and Mexico, boosting the species’ existing amount to close to 500.

This short article was at first published by Business Insider.

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