Education has no place for regressive ideas

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I n a broadly circulated report, it was claimed that Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi this 7 days wrote to Union Instruction Minister Dharmendra Pradhan searching for motion on a book for 2nd-12 months BSc college students that has “derogatory” remarks from women. In her letter, Chaturvedi explained ‘Textbook of Sociology for Nurses’ lays down “merits and advantages” of the dowry method.

She mentioned one particular of the so-identified as strengths of the dowry program, as penned in the reserve, states, “Because of the stress of dowry, quite a few mothers and fathers have begun educating their ladies. When ladies are educated or even utilized, the demand from customers for dowry will be significantly less. This is an oblique gain.” Appalling though this is, there is far more to appear, with lines from the guide cited in the report as looking at, “ugly girls can be married off with beautiful dowry with properly or hideous on the lookout boys.”

She has rather rightly stated the circulation of these kinds of “regressive textbooks” should be quickly stopped.

As early as 2017, this newspaper experienced highlighted in a report how a clinical textbook experienced labelled lesbianism as a perversion calling individuals who “indulge in it” as “mental degenerates”. There had been other such stunning statements about the queer community.

Our textbooks have to have to be greater whetted and only then launched into the curriculum. We have to recognise the hazards of this kind of statements inside of textbooks. Even though some students may perhaps ‘reject’ the strategies in the ebook, by definition a textbook is your guide of understanding for that class.   

Quite a few students will imbibe what is in the textbook and make that their very own. Even while college students could ‘question’ given that it is in the text, even assessment papers may be dependent on that and students may possibly have to put down the ‘regressive’ solution to be marked ideal. Get these publications off the curriculum and be certain no repeats, that is all there is to it.