Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media 

12 Tried-and-True Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

Are you wasting valuable time writing quality content for your blog but are not making the most of your content marketing? 

Unlike a company, it’s pointless to promote your blog through paid ads. But what other options are available? Ofcourse SEO and social media.  

Today we are going to show you how to promote your blog on social media. Ask your webmaster, marketer, or blogger what it means to promote your blog and social media. Most people say that it means sharing your blog on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ on your profile or page. But in fact, this isn’t even half the battle.  

So, suppose you’re ambitious and want to go beyond the popular social media site under the name of “blog marketing on social media”. In that case, we recommend reading these effective tips on building a blog on that site. Here are a few ways to make your blog content available on social media and on your own social platforms to share blog posts (more than just Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). 

1. Interesting/useful/surprising 

This tip has nothing to do with social media marketing, but it is an important first step to successfully implementing the other strategies listed here today. Your social media audience wants the content they share to be engaging and sophisticated. In other words, they will not share any content. Therefore, your content must be interesting and useful, with unique information that can’t be found anywhere else. Even if the content is available elsewhere on the web, the way you present the content must appeal to social media savvy readers.  

2. Add social media to your blog 

Integrating social media into your blog aims to bridge the gap between social media sites and your content. Your blog visitors need an easy way to connect to your blog and share your blog content via social media embedded in your website. 


These links can be social media buttons to help your readers interact with your blog (like on Facebook, following on Twitter), share buttons to help readers share your content, and social media -links to help readers comment on your blog immediately. Here are some quick tips for adding social media share buttons to your posts. 


Some blogs are redundant and offer advertising buttons for seven or eight people. Make sure you have a lot of followers on social media sites (other than Twitter and Facebook) to hit the button. 


Blocking social media buttons can discourage your readers and affect how many people share content. Also, adding unnecessary social media widgets can slow down your page loading speed. 


3. Share your blog with your media profile 

If readers don’t visit your site, visit them. Share your blog table on social media as often as possible. You can do it now because it’s not science. And do some good things that will help you in your endeavors: 


a) Consistency 

Share the posts consistently. Don’t share everything once a week and show it next week. To make sure you’re consistently sharing your content on social media, you can use scheduling tools like Hootsuite and SproutSocial. To learn more about these tools, read one of our previous articles entitled Social Media Management Tools for Small Business. 


b) Customize with WordPress 

If you have a WordPress blog, you can use a social media plugin to push your new posts to your social media pages. 

c) Best time to post 

When posting updates to your blog on Twitter, use the Tweroid app to check the best time to post. It is one of the most useful free Twitter tools. Check the best time to post on Facebook using our own analysis tool – Facebook Insights. 

If you need a scheduling tool that also provides real-time for Twitter users, you can use the built-in Buffer-Followerwonk-Duo which makes Twitter advertising easier and more productive. 

d) The visual appeal of postal updates 

When sharing a blog post, for example on a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ page, write a message in your own words above the article to encourage users to read it. Remember to always share photos in posts, as many platforms (including LinkedIn and Google+) automatically display thumbnails. Facebook also automatically displays posted images and allows you to choose a different photo to display than the Facebook photo. All you have to do to upload an external image is to press the “+” button. 


In case you feel that there are any doubts or queries with respect to this content, please share your concerns with us in the feedback section below. Also, if you haven’t started with a blog and want one or even a website, a shared hosting plan is the best to start off with. Till then, we hope you liked reading this article, do visit our page for more. 

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