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Have you ever dreamed of coming up with your possess mini satellite? CanSat is back with the 2020-21 edition of the European CanSat Levels of competition and CADSat – a new entry-level task for novices! Registration are now open!

Degree: eleven – 19 years aged


CADSat is made for novices/younger individuals from eleven to fifteen years aged. Strategy a groundbreaking scientific mission and 3D style your incredibly possess mini satellite! The task troubles college students to style in 3D a satellite the sizing of a soda can, created with the style resource of their choice. Students will have to style a mission for their mini satellite and ensure that the satellite style ideal satisfies this mission. CADSat is suitable as a starter task to prepare to participate in CanSat later on. Read the suggestions document to master much more!

The European CanSat Levels of competition is aimed at individuals from fourteen to 19 years aged. If you are up for a larger problem, function in a team to imagine, develop, exam and start a genuine mini satellite! This task troubles college students to suit all the important subsystems of a satellite within the quantity and form of a soft drink can, which will be introduced by a small rocket up to an altitude of one km. As the CanSat descends, its mission commences.

Every single taking part CanSat team will have to accomplish two missions: a mandatory main mission to accumulate air temperature and pressure info, and a secondary mission is fully open to the students’ creativity. Your secondary mission could be exploring a new planet, analysing Earth’s atmosphere, building a rover to suit within the CanSat, or everything else you can consider of. Find out the necessities to participate in the suggestions.

Get Involved!

To discover out much more about the competitions, and for data on how to utilize, visit the CADSat and CanSat websites. The ESA Training team is looking ahead to obtaining your software. Very good luck to absolutely everyone having section!

Registrations open: 18 September 2020

Deadline for CADSat entry submissions: 14 Could 2021

Deadline for CanSat entry submissions for groups from Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Switzerland, Canada and Slovenia: 30 November 2020

Deadline for CanSat entry submissions for groups from other taking part international locations: see CanSat 2021-21 Countrywide Organiser in your region.