Far-left group calls for students to walkout of school on Wednesday to protest abortion

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EXCLUSIVE – A youth-led group called Generation Ratify is injecting public schools with far-left activism, particularly pro-abortion protests, a parents group told Fox News Digital.

“[Generation Ratify] lured thousands of Virginia students… to participate in… rallies… called a ‘mass youth mobilization to defend abortion,’” the report from Parents Defending Education said. It also explored the possible interconnectedness of high-level woke groups and Generation Ratify.

“Radical intersectional activism is infiltrating schools through social justice clubs like Generation Ratify,” the report concluded.


Protestors gather outside the Supreme Court to protest abortion rights (Fox News Digital)

Protestors gather outside the Supreme Court to protest abortion rights (Fox News Digital)
(Fox News Digital)

Last Monday hundreds of students in Virginia, led in part by Generation Ratify, walked out of school in protest after the draft Supreme Court opinion on Roe v. Wade was leaked to the public, sparking outrage that abortion rights were being targeted. The walkouts led the state’s attorney general to criticize the actions, saying the students had a right to protest, but that they shouldn’t be doing it during school hours. 

“When you’re in school you don’t have the right,” he said. “They’re not supposed to be disrupting other students who are trying to advance their academic career.”

And on Wednesday, Generation Ratify intends to stage a nationwide walkout in support of Roe; including in states such as New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Washington D.C., Nevada, Pennsylvania, Maine, Texas, Illinois, Indiana and Massachusetts.

“With these protests, we are trying to amplify youth voices in the fight for our reproductive rights,” the left-wing group said.

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“They’re using these children as puppets, and I think that’s disgusting,” Nicole Neily, the president and founder of Parents Defending Education, told Fox News Digital. 

“I have real concerns about what that portends for the future of this country. We are going to be graduating children [who] cannot [or] write. How can we be economically competitive when our students know how to protest and are not able to perform basic functions?” she continued. “I really worry that this kind of activism is encouraged in our schools, you know, at the expense of actual achievement.”


“American students are in absolute crisis right now,” Neily said. “And… we see schools that are hijacking our students for social-emotional learning and all these social justice aims.”

Generation Ratify said it was looking “organize Young Virginians in the fight for reproductive justice.” Their ultimate goal is to build “an intersectional feminist revolution” and “dismantle patriarchy,” according to the report.