Final congratulations to the 2019-2020 Climate Detectives student teams


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More than 450 pupils took up the job of Climate Detectives and shared their investigations in 2019-2020, ending another good yr for this university task.

Teams of pupils were challenged to operate like detectives and identify and look into a regional local climate issue. In buy to do this, they collected and analysed Earth Observation data, both from satellites or from regional climate measurements. Based mostly on their investigations, teams proposed means to assistance minimize the local climate issue discovered by them,  or elevate awareness about it.

Imaginative Students’s laboratory Team operating on EO Browser wanting for satellite illustrations or photos of their town.

ESA is pretty motivated and impressed by the operate completed by the teams. The covid-19 lockdown meant harder operate ailments for absolutely everyone. With educational facilities switching to online and length discovering, numerous teams had to obtain choice means to finish their investigations, and some were not able to complete the area operate they had planned.

Taking into thought the tricky circumstances, ESA determined to cancel the Climate Detectives Faculty Award for the 2019-2020 task version. Having said that, all teams that shared their jobs on the Climate Detectives system will get a distinctive ESA goodie in recognition of their pretty distinctive efforts.

Some of the jobs shared by the participating teams stood out for the investigation introduced and for the way teams explored a regional local climate issue, and ESA has consequently determined to mention these highly commendable teams:

  • Flood and wildfire explorers, Greece – The team investigated the effects of wildfires, deforestation, and enhanced precipitation on the severity of flash floods.
  • I.E.S.S. FOR Climate, Italy – The team explored why in the latest occasions sudden and violent whirlwinds are produced in the geographical area of Emilia Romagna, Italy.
  • Vianu Climate Detectives, Romania – The team  investigated no matter whether there is any connection in between deforestation and the disappearance of the ‘classical’ four seasons.
  • Drinking water Detectives, Malta – The team investigated how variations in local climate, predominantly rainfall and temperature, are impacting h2o movement and farming in Qlejgħa Valley, Malta.

ESA would also like to highlight a team of promising youthful scientists:

  • Imaginative students’ laboratory, Romania  – This pupil team, from eight to nine decades previous,  investigated no matter whether variations in local climate are influencing the Danube river.

All the commended teams will get a distinctive certificate in addition to the goodie. 

The ESA Education team would like to thank all the pupil teams who participated this university yr, jointly with their academics, for their amazing efforts and good operate, and problem them to keep on earning a big difference to safeguard Earth’s Climate!

The Climate Detectives university task will be back again for the 2020-2021 university yr.  Remain tuned!