May 27, 2022


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Fly Your Thesis! 2021 campaign wrapped up



In brief

More than the last two months, the 77th ESA Parabolic Flight Marketing campaign operated by Novespace took spot in Bordeaux, France. A total of 9 experiments ended up on board of the Airbus A310 AirZeroG, and 3 of them had been conceived by student groups in the framework of ESA Academy’s Fly Your Thesis! (FYT!) programme. 


A yr has elapsed considering the fact that the groups submitted their proposals. Just after this the FTY! Assortment board validated the scientific value and feasibility of the proposals submitted by more than 30 teams. Group DZH Dynamics, LEOniDAS, and ZEUS designed it by way of in the stop. From that second the teams worked really hard to layout, manufacture, assemble, and examination their hardware. Currently being compliant to the security needs of Novespace is not trivial, as the experiments are to be operated on in proximity of scientists each hypergravity and microgravity circumstances.

Fly Your Thesis! staff DZH Dynamics at the 77th ESA Parabolic Flight Marketing campaign

The aim of the DZH Dynamics staff from the Carlos III college in Madrid and Imperial Faculty in London was to check out use of the Dzhanibekov effect to make manoeuvres in satellites far more electricity and time economical. The Dzhanibekov influence, also identified as the tennis racket theorem, on its individual is a quick, periodic, customizable, and power-absolutely free 180-degree mind-set modify which rigid bodies working experience (or not) depending on its inertial distribution (i.e., how the masses are distributed within the overall body). To management this the crew made an ground breaking wise inertial morphing engineering style and design. By utilizing three reaction wheels and a movable mass procedure, the workforce can improve angle and spin of their prototype. The marketing campaign permitted them to capture the data they require to finetune their command procedure for microgravity functions.

Fly Your Thesis! group LEOniDAS at the 77th ESA Parabolic Flight Marketing campaign

Group LEOniDAS from Cranfield College attended the campaign to exam the deployment of so-called drag sails, large floor place sails that are deployed at the conclude of the operational life of satellites in Small Earth Orbit to assist in speeding up the process of orbit decay by enhanced atmospheric drag. This challenge has a direct website link with clean up area aims to stop inactive satellites from littering and colliding with other satellites or even the ISS (Worldwide Area Station). The team examined new deployment mechanisms in microgravity as properly as the impact of deployment on the host satellite’s mindset in the course of and following deployment by measuring the torque brought on by the deployment.

Fly Your Thesis! team ZEUS at the 77th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign

ZEUS, a workforce of students from Glasgow University investigated handle algorithms to detumble femto satellites, also called chipsats, in microgravity with the use of magnetorquers actuating in a very well-described magnetic ecosystem. The crew was challenged with the miniaturization of the satellite know-how and the brief time period just before which these free of charge-floating models collided with on the boundary of their experimental setup owing to g-jitters.

Fly Your Thesis! teams at the 77th ESA Parabolic Flight Campaign

Outside of the scientific and complex achievement, the marketing campaign was an incubator total of powerful emotions as persons seasoned weightlessness for the very first time. A person pupil from staff LEOniDAS described the working experience as “a calendar year of character building and intense ability development alongside one another with ESA Instruction and Novespace personnel ending in a after in a lifetime parabolic flight encounter.”

Arrived safely in their respective countries with an unforgettable reminiscences and tricky drives whole of details, the 3 teams are ready to carefully come back again down to Earth and deal with the knowledge examination. ESA Academy will stick to each workforce for yet another 4 months until eventually their ultimate report is owing in March 2022.

Fly Your Thesis! – an educational programme you will hardly ever forget

Part of the ESA Academy’s Fingers-On House jobs, Fly Your Thesis! is a recurring programme that ESA Education sponsors on a annually foundation. During the FYT! programme, college students receive valuable feedback from ESA, Novespace, and European Reduced Gravity Research Association (ELGRA) experts. In addition to all of this, they get the extraordinary possibility to execute their experiments in microgravity circumstances on-board a condition-of-the-art automobile like the Novespace Zero-G aircraft, correct subsequent to experiments and teams of professional scientists. The programme enables contributors to develop vital sensible skills through arms-on things to do, as perfectly as venture management, as a result acquiring a appreciable direct practical experience in planning, testing, and functioning in laboratory and microgravity disorders their experiment components and software package.

As a immediate consequence of the exploration they conducted during previous FYT! campaigns, a lot of students have so much been capable to current their results at international conferences and/or to publish papers in top scientific journals. FYT! also presents chances to meet and do the job with professionals. The knowledge acquired is an important addition to students’ curriculum vitae and increases their chance of remaining elected for future professional chances. 

At this time, ESA Academy and partners are reviewing the Fly Your Thesis! 2022 apps and will, in the future handful of months, find the teams to start out the design and style and progress of the new batch of experiments, and to fly in a person year’s time.