May 27, 2022


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Home Design Institute Paris – Online Interior Design Courses

Home Design Institute Paris – Online Interior Design Courses

Home Design Institute Paris – Online Interior Design Courses

If you’re interested in home design, you can choose to attend an online course through the Home Design Institute Paris. This course is available to anyone at any time. It is completely self-paced to fit the learning into your schedule. You can choose from a wide range of home design courses taught by highly-experienced designers. You can enroll in HDI Paris for one of their online courses or take several. In either case, you’ll learn from a highly-experienced, knowledgeable designer.

Online interior design course

Choosing an online interior design course from a leading university or college can be daunting. You will have to choose between a career-oriented course or an introductory one suited to your schedule. Many online universities offer the same courses, but their cost, length of time, and availability lie in their differences. The Home Design Institute offers both types of courses. Students will benefit from its comprehensive interior design knowledge and its practical application.

The course is divided into 18 distinct style groups and introduces students to the principles of each one. After learning the basic principles of each style, students are free to select the one they would like to learn the most. Students will be taught about furniture and its characteristics and how to use colors and materials to create a cohesive design. The course also explores lighting, flooring, artwork, and various other topics to make their home look amazing.

Flexible working hours

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At the, you’ll receive professional training in the art of interior design. You’ll learn about home design history, modern trends, and architects’ most important technical programs. Moreover, you’ll learn how to work with 3D modeling and SketchUp, two of the most commonly used software in the design industry. These programs are perfect for those who need to combine work with a personal life.

Course content

There are a lot of advantages to enrolling in a course at Home Design Institute Paris. These courses are taught by experienced lecturers from the interior design industry worldwide. They are designed to prepare students to face the realities of completing live projects, interacting with clients, and executing projects. If you’re considering attending a course at HDI, you may be wondering about the course content. Keep reading to discover more about the benefits of enrolling in this course.

Renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler teaches the curriculum for this course. This internationally renowned interior designer changed the way we look at the modern design. Throughout this course, you will learn interior design basics, including colors, materials, textures, etc. You will begin with a sample project to see what the students learn. The course then discusses color, materiality, and pattern before leading you through the process of designing your interior.


The Institute offers professional training and certification in the field of interior design. Courses cover everything from the history of the design industry to current trends in the home. Students also learn the most important technology programs architects use, including SketchUp and 3D modeling. Course prerequisites include previous knowledge of design, drawing, and computer software. Upon completion, graduates are ready to enter the world of professional design. To learn more about their courses, click here.