How to Choose Between Website Builder vs. Coding?

Website builder vs Coding: What's Right for Your Site?

There are different ways to build a website, such as using a website builder or coding. It solely depends on your specific needs and requirements of the website to choose what process is the best for you.

A website maker is a professional website builder tool that helps you quickly build different websites. A small business website builder can be suitable for an easy-to-create and managed website. Otherwise, coding is best for a website with dedicated customization options and more flexibility.

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Benefits of Using a Website Maker or Website Builder

The benefits of using a Website Builder include:

  1. Website builders provide pre-designed templates to create your website from scratch, thus accelerating the development process and saving you time and effort.
  2. These tools have user-friendly interfaces, which are accessible to beginners with less coding experience.
  3. Users can easily customise and add features to their site without writing any code.

Benefits of Coding

The benefits of coding a website include:

  1. Coding your website from scratch enables you to optimise the back end and remove redundant elements, improving website performance.
  2. It gives you complete creative control over its design. You can create a unique and tailored user experience by implementing custom features and layouts.
  3. When you code your website, you have the flexibility to integrate it with various tools and APIs.

Key Differences Between a Website Builder and Coding

Following are the differences between a website builder tool and coding a website.

ParametersWebsite BuilderCoding
Technical KnowledgeMore suitable for users with limited coding knowledge or those who want to quickly set up a website without diving into coding complexities.Requires expertise in web development and scripting languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Website GoalsIdeal for generic online stores or business sites; offers drag-and-drop features for customisation.Suitable for a website with specific niche goals that require extensive customisation and integrations.
Time-SavingGreat for projects with short time frames, allowing you to set up a functional and interactive website quickly.Time-consuming effort, but time can be reduced by investing in additional features or talents.
Total BudgetOften includes free features, domains, and hosting plans; Cost-effective, especially for projects with limited budgets. Coded sites that may require separate purchases for these components. Additionally, if you hire someone to build your website, it will cost you extra money.
Updates and MaintenanceMay be more suitable if your website requires frequent updates.You have complete control and must take care of the maintenance and upgrades to maintain your website’s performance.


Whether to choose a website builder or coding to build your website is entirely your discretion. But if you want to create your website quickly and don’t want to manage it completely, a professional Website Builder can help you.

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