Human 3-D Butt Scan At-Home 3-D Printing of Personal Seat Cushions – New Innovation Concept

Human 3-D Butt Scan At-Home 3-D Printing of Personal Seat Cushions – New Innovation Concept

Well, we all know that our coworkers can do some pretty stupid things at times. It’s as if the class clown never grows up. Have you ever looked through the Dilbert Series where someone captures a photocopy of their rear end while sitting on the copy machine? First of all, this is really stupid because it can break the machine and we already know that copy machines are very temperamental. Secondly, taking a picture of your butt on the copy machine is even less than childish.

However, then again in the future you may wish to take a 3-D scan of your tushy buns and then 3-D print yourself a seat cushion. You can use this seat cushion for your car, a lounge chair, or just sitting out by the pool. You might make one to take to the beach and put a real nice handle on the end of it. Best of all it will be perfectly contoured to your rear end based on its current dimensions. We all know that people go through diets at various times of the year and lose weight, only to gain it back again. This way you can 3-D print your seat cushion to meet your current dimensions.

Now then, all of the sudden this doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Sometimes we can take a really stupid idea, and turn it into a new innovative concept. Will this be the way of the future? Will everyone have personalized seat cushions? Judging by most Americans these days, they seem to be getting a wider load every year. Maybe if they carry around a seat cushion to the local high school football game, or to the baseball stadium then other people would look at it, and the owner would be embarrassed – maybe if they carry this around to the beach that embarrassment might cause them to stay on their diet, and continue to exercise.

Best of all, you can keep them in your hall closet. One for each of the various sizes of your rear end as you lose weight. You could check your progress not by the scale, but the tone and size of your derrière imprintation. You may think this is quite funny, but consider if you will that 3-D printing will bring us all sorts of new innovations, inventions, and concepts. This may be one of them for our future. You might think this is all a boat load of crap, but I bet people will 3-D print seat cushions in the future. Please consider all this and think on it.

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