I saw this on my Twitter feed and it struck a chord.  Caution: The following is a pep chat and a full lotta individual feeling.

At initial I answered this way. Suitable fatigued.

But then, immediately after a handful of hrs of wondering about it, and a 2 hour Sunday nap  – I added this:

So yeah, I am fatigued. I am nervous. Pressured out. Not a small scared. SO About Standardized Testing.  Oh and …..weirdly and at unanticipated times, quietly freaked out. Not like a worry attack – but stress assault adjacent. 

BUT….It can be our task.

This might not have been what we qualified for or predicted but if not us, then who? Or whom? 

Let us move it up – we got this! Front line workers, nurses, medical professionals, law enforcement, hearth, other general public servants — they can’t give up – and neither can we. C’mon — We can do this. I know that appears simplistic, but definitely? What is the different? Moaning and groaning that we are not able to do this  – would not resolve anything at all. It will only drag you down. But I get it, the concern is real. Now, Maryland has a pretty high vaccination price — and I have to admit, the previous waitress…err server in me remembers to go with the “phony it until you make it” mentality.  Gosh forbid this also seems like Toxic Positivity – I swear, sometimes I just am trying to encourage myself. 

Then right after the clouds – a brilliant location appears. A child will say thank you and that they LOOOOOOOVED the e-book. A 6th grade course I go over when we never have a sub – cheers as I come in the door. My assistant provides me a cookie. But gentleman oh man am I happy this is just not my very first calendar year instructing. THAT would be a Actual problem. God Bless and prayers to all you little one to start with year Teachers & Library Media Experts. If you have queries or want to vent – you can usually e mail me!

How am I coping?


SQUEE! I actually try not to be an writer pesterer but I am an Elly Griffiths fangirl, so the simple fact that she replied to my Tweet experienced me actually squeal IRL. 

What do you imagine? Am I being much too Pollyanna in this article? Probably due to the fact I’m retiring this 12 months I truly feel like I can tie a knot and keep on right up until June…..but our children Require us!

Be sure to do remark and explain to me what you think and really feel.