Join Webb Quest: Mind-blowing mission to the early Universe


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On Thursday 3 February, teachers and pupils from throughout Europe will embark on a mission with ESA authorities Mark McCaughrean and Giovanna Giardino to learn far more about the James Webb Room Telescope and the early Universe. Be part of the quest!


Date: 3 February 2022
Time: 15.00h – 16.00h CET
Length: 1 hour
Language: English
Stage: Secondary learners and educators
Location: Premiering on ESA YouTube and ESA Fb channels

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Webb Quest: Mind-blowing mission to the Early Universe

On 25 December 2021, ESA released the really predicted James Webb Room Telescope, the greatest house telescope in background. With a under no circumstances-right before-noticed look at of the 1st bursts of starlight in the universe, the James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) will glance back in time to help uncover the mysteries of early star start and galaxy development.

The most recent addition to ESA’s fleet of eyes in the sky, the James Webb Place Telescope will forever modify the field of astronomy. As the major telescope to be launched into house, Webb is a feat of amazing engineering, style and design, and teamwork, and will develop some of the most amazing photos of the universe however! Its mission is a single cloaked in secret: to discover what extraordinary functions happened in the depths of the early universe.  

Be a part of the ESA Webb Quest, a programme tailored for instructors and college students, on 3 February 2022 and explore how Webb will unlock the insider secrets of the early universe. Webb Quest will contain an up-to-day overview of the mission and intriguing explanations of vital science themes associated to the ground breaking telescope by ESA experts Mark McCaughrean and Giovanna Giardino.

Mark McCaughrean, ESA Senior Advisor for Science & Exploration

Mark McCaughrean is ESA’s Webb Interdisciplinary Scientist. He is an astronomer and works by using infrared data to examine locations where new stars and planetary systems are shaped. He is also particularly energetic in general public outreach activities, he is the co-founder of Room Rocks which celebrates place exploration, art and songs.

Giovanna Giardino is an ESA NIRSpec Scientist. She is an astronomer doing work on Webb’s NIRSpec and MIRI devices. Many thanks to her do the job, once Webb begins its scientific functions, astronomers across the world will be able to comprehend and use the data acquired from Webb’s instruments to look into the mysteries of the early universe.

Giovanna Giardino, ESA scientist for Webb’s NIRSpec instrument

The programme will premiere at 15:00 CET and past all over 50 minutes, with a 10 minute concern and reply session on ESA Youtube and Facebook channels. Be positive you like and/or are subscribed to these channels and transform notifications on to get an inform when the broadcast is dwell.

The occasion is open to the common public and will be tailor-made to secondary pupils and educators. You can sign up here to acquire updates straight to your mailbox. 

Got thoughts? Ship them!

Obtained a dilemma for our Webb gurus who have each been specifically involved in the mission? Check with absent! You should fill out this form to submit your inquiries to Mark McCaughrean and Giovanna Giardino. Picked issues will be answered through the celebration. Please submit by Monday, 31 January 2022, at 17h CET. 

The Webb Quest event is part of a vast selection of instructional actions shipped by ESA and the European House Education Resource Offices (ESEROs) throughout Europe. The ESERO project is a collaboration amongst ESA, countrywide place agencies and nationwide and nearby instructional partners.

In preparation for the celebration, ESA will be publishing a range of enjoyable Webb challenges to assist assist students and educators discovering about the floor-breaking Webb mission. You can come across them on the Teach with Astronomy web-site, together with arms-on functions, classroom assets, visuals, video clips, infographics, and animations relating to observing the night sky.