Live A Longer Life And Enjoy The Smell Along The Way – The Hydrogen Sulfide Option


Hydrogen Sulfide is considered a toxic gas in large quantities, and it’s also called a sewer gas as it is produced from decaying organic material. So we find it at sewer plants, swamps (swamp gas), and even in the human body as it breaks down food of various types. The gas has no color, but boy does it smell yucky. Okay so, let’s talk, because now there is some talk that it has a whole bunch of positive properties also, especially when it comes to human health.

In Medical Xpress Online Research News there was an interesting article titled; ” Hydrogen sulfide: The next anti-aging agent?” published on January 29, which stated;

“The gene, klotho, which appears to be upregulated by hydrogen sulfide, is thought to extend lifespan via a number of different pathways, some of which promote production of endogenous antioxidants, according to the report. Produced in the kidneys, it has direct angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibiting activity; that is, it’s an ACE inhibitor, just like certain drugs that mitigate high blood pressure.”

This H2S also lowers hypertension in rats, helps neurological health, prevents Alzheimer’s, prevents cardiovascular disease, and is not considered an anti-aging supplement. Now then, there is also a YouTube video titled “Hydrogen Sulfide: The Next Anti-Aging Agent?” and after you read that, I’d like to ask you if this means you should live by a sewer treatment plant, deal with the smell and enjoy a longer and more fruitful healthy life? I mean it would make sense if this research is correct.

Whereas, too much H2S can kill you, a little bit seems to have almost miracle attributes judging by this research and similar research. This could mean that an Earth which is more like a greenhouse would produce more hydrogen sulfide meaning humans would all live longer and healthier. It might also help explain some of the rather large number of centurions living in Louisiana as there is lots of swamp gas there, see that point?

Hydrogen Sulfide has also been called a hibernating gas, as it puts organisms into a very slow state. It puts most mammals to sleep, in a very deep sleep, often down to 10% of their normal energy usage, including heart rate. It has been theorized that this gas might be used to put long-range space travelers into hibernation, or put the enemy to sleep on the battlefield. Slowing down a human body, especially during normal sleep times might very well increase life span and improve health. Maybe those who live under NYC in the sewer pipes maybe the wisest of all? Well, maybe not, but this is an interesting concept no doubt. Please consider all this and think on it.

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