September 17, 2021


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Live call from the ISS with European teachers and students



On 1 June academics and college students from France, Estonia and Austria spoke reside for 20 minutes with French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet from the Global Room Station. 

The in-flight simply call was component of the “Sustaining House: recycling resources”- themed situations organised by 3 ESEROs connecting from CNES in Toulouse, the Tartu Observatory and the Vega observatory Haus der Natur in Salzburg. 

ESERO Austria throughout in-flight contact with Thomas Pesquet

Numerous academics had the chance to talk to Thomas questions about his mission and about recycling in room. Amid the queries posed to Thomas were how h2o is recycled on the ISS and what analysis is remaining done in area involving vegetation. Thomas was also requested about foreseeable future designs for option ways to travel and are living in area, and no matter whether on the lookout down on Earth from the ISS altered his attitude towards sustainability.

“It was a exclusive option to communicate to the ISS, for me and my learners. It is impressive how innovative our technology is, to be in a position to communicate to a person in orbit travelling with the pace of 27600 km/h,” remarked teacher Joachim Achinger from HTL Wels.

Tanel Liira, a physics instructor from Tamme Gymnasium, claims “It was a really fantastic motivational function for students. The presentations, together with an in-flight call with an astronaut, aroused the desire of some students in the discipline of room.”

“He spoke very very well, it is really truly good to see a French astronaut leaving for the ISS and who speaks English so properly, it was remarkable and magical,” enthuses Camille, a secondary college student at Barral large faculty in Castres. “He however has a single of the most inaccessible careers in the entire world,” adds her mate Bénédicte. “I definitely liked how it floated, the weightlessness, viewing with my have eyes how it is in place and previously mentioned all having its emotions”, concludes Chanaëlle, a student at the higher education of Vielmur-sur-Agoût (Tarn).”

Watch a replay of the get in touch with in this article. 

Ahead of the in-flight call, European college students and teachers connected stay to go to place professional talks and guided actions which had been aspect of the situations organised by ESERO France, ESERO Estonia and ESERO Austria in their respective countries. These events had a huge attendance, in particular all those on the net, at countrywide stage.

The in-flight call with Thomas Pesquet is portion of a large range of instructional routines shipped by ESA and the European Place Schooling Resource Business office (ESERO) project across Europe. Now, there are ESEROs functioning in 18 ESA Member States. ESA’s ESERO project is a collaboration among ESA, nationwide place companies and countrywide and nearby academic associates.

ESERO Estonia throughout in-flight connect with with Thomas Pesquet

The ESERO job is ESA’s key way of supporting the key and secondary instruction community in Europe. ESERO uses house similar themes and the real fascination felt by youthful people for house to improve university pupils’ literacy and competence in STEM-linked subjects by means of functions that consist of national teaching for teachers and classroom means personalized to nationwide curricula. The ESERO job also highlights the related programs from space and raises consciousness of the wide variety of career potential clients in the room area.

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