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The amount of area debris, or place ‘junk’, surrounding Earth is now at a position that can no for a longer period be overlooked, and the predicament is only likely to get even worse if we do not act. The European Room Agency’s (ESA) Clean up Space programme is trying not only to minimise the debris developed by long term satellites, but to actively cut down the particles previously in orbit.

Three brand name-new means are great for encouraging college students aged 7-11 decades to get considering and get creative. 

Why Is There Junk in Space introduces students to house particles with participating pursuits demanding not considerably far more than marbles and potato crisps.  

Cleaning up Space challenges pupils to occur up with their possess solutions using supplies readily uncovered in the classroom.  

Coming Again to Earth Safely allows learners to check out the physics of some options that ESA is working on to support the place ecosystem be cleaner in the potential, these kinds of as drag sails.  

ClearSpace-1 captures Vespa

These classroom assets are accompanied by four classroom movies with demonstrations of key pursuits from the methods.

Introduce young audiences to the strategy of room junk with Paxi! From the most current Paxi animation episode on place particles to the Space Cleanup match and quick trivia, ESA Little ones hosts entertaining discovering means for your budding room explorer!

In addition, the webpage capabilities inspiring podcasts, content and photos from throughout the agency, permitting learners to examine the get the job done ESA is undertaking to investigate the worries and prospective answers to the room debris trouble.

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