May 27, 2022


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Sad news out of Palm Coast, Florida

Unhappy information out of Palm Coast, Florida… 

Around 500 students at Flagler-Palm Coast Significant School protested the state’s anti-LGBTQ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill yesterday by strolling out of college for 20 minutes or so. The main organizer of the occasion was suspended ‘until more notice’ (which is unlawful less than U.S. Supreme Court precedent) by the large faculty principal for bringing and distributing delight flags to pupils. The principal told the student that he was ‘disrespectful and brazenly advocating in opposition to personnel.’ In advance of the protest, the principal pulled the pupil apart and ‘voiced his opposition’ to the delight flags. 

As the article in the Daytona Seashore News-Journal notes, “students who showed up to the stadium with flags and other satisfaction-linked products had been blocked by administrators making an attempt to confiscate them.” On top of that, “students at the event mentioned directors circled protesters in the stadium, threatening them with willpower if they did not transform in their delight and LGBTQ+ flags.”

The school district spokesperson stated that scholar leaders had been told no flags prior to and at the commencing of the event “so as to keep away from undue basic safety considerations and campus disruptions.” In this article are the flags in concern that apparently have been a disruptive safety worry:

The faculty district superintendent also has banned the guide, All Boys Are not Blue, from university libraries so there look to be ongoing difficulties in the group about equity, acceptance, and inclusion.

As scholar bodies go on to turn out to be additional numerous – and as LGBTQIA+ students and their family members proceed to advocate for greater acceptance of their human rights and dignity – it is critical that university administrators figure out means to move their university methods forward, not backward.

We need to have to do greater than this.