The First Clinical Trial For Cannabis as a Migraine Treatment Is Underway

Hashish has been made use of to ease headaches for hundreds of years, and nonetheless arduous scientific trials on this historic remedy for head suffering have only just begun.

The 1st double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study is now investigating whether cannabis products and solutions, like THC and CBD, can essentially treat acute migraines in a secure and productive way.


At the moment, 20 individuals who working experience regular migraines are enrolled in the demo, but scientists at the University of California San Diego hope to enroll at the very least another 70 volunteers.

Now, regardless of quite a few cure options, a considerable variety of people today are nonetheless struggling from migraines, which can frequently be debilitating. The throbbing discomfort, ordinarily situated on one particular aspect of the head, can last for hrs or even times and be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and excessive sensitivity to mild or audio.

Unfortunately, not all people responds the very same to latest migraine treatment plans, and about time, these drugs can halt doing work for some.

Plenty of individuals report turning to cannabis as an substitute, and still at any time given that the plant was deemed illegal in the United States, there has been incredibly small research on its possible as a medication for chronic pain circumstances. A lot of what we know is only anecdotal.

“Many clients who go through from migraines have experienced them for lots of years but have in no way discussed them with their medical professionals. They are, instead, self-treating with numerous treatment plans, these kinds of as hashish,” states headache neurologist Nathaniel Schuster from UCSD.


“Appropriate now, when clients talk to us if hashish will work for migraines, we do not have evidence-dependent facts to reply that dilemma.”

For a long time, the health care probable of cannabis and cannabinoids has been forgotten in the West, and nevertheless this ignorance is mostly a fashionable phenomenon.

Two thousand decades prior to the frequent era (BCE), historical files advise people in Assyria were being using cannabis to “bind the temples” and ease tension in the head. In historical Greece, the drug continued to be employed for “agony of the ears”, and Persian and Arabic texts refer to cannabis as a treatment for headache disorders. 

Even in the Middle Ages, popular doctors ended up recommending the plant to relieve head pain.

Hundreds of a long time later on in the US, hashish entered a dark age of scientific research. Subsequent the Cannabis Tax Act of 1937, possessing or trafficking the substance turned illegal, however it was however permitted for medical use. That all transformed in the 1970s, when the act was repealed and changed with a new law that formally outlawed its use for any purpose. All that suggests it is been very hard to study.


Without the need of proper medical trials, it is really unclear no matter if any derivatives of this plant can function to minimize head agony, and still numerous individuals are applying the plant for just that. Unquestionably, the initial final results from preclinical trials are promising.

In 2020, a 30-day demo in the US uncovered in excess of 86 percent of sufferers with complications and migraines observed an improvement in their signs or symptoms just after employing cannabis. Other new surveys in California recommend up to 10 % of those people with headache problems are turning to the plant for relief.

However self-experiences and scenario experiments can only give us so a great deal insight. Without having a correct command team, it’s tough to say regardless of whether the therapeutic outcomes of cannabis are a placebo response or anything extra.

The initially known trial to correctly deal with this issue will randomize volunteers into 4 individual teams. 1 team will obtain a vape with sham hashish. An additional team will just take four puffs of hashish flower made up of THC. A third group will just take 4 puffs of cannabis flower containing CBD, and the past team will vape a blend of both THC and CBD.

Scientists will then figure out which procedure is greatest for relieving headache soreness, nausea, vomiting and light-weight or sound sensitivity in each the lengthy phrase and the small term.

Allison Knigge is one particular of the initially to volunteer for the trial. Knigge has knowledgeable piercing migraines since she was a younger child, and irrespective of trying numerous prescription drugs, practically nothing has served so far.

When she was approached by Schuster about the UCSD trial, she was at her wit’s stop and keen to try just about anything at all. 

“I am happy and grateful to be aspect of a research that could lead to more applications in the toolbox for those of us who go through from migraines,” suggests Knigge. 

“It could necessarily mean one particular a lot more choice when all other possibilities have not worked. This is definitely substantial for sufferers whose lives are disrupted on a common basis from migraines.” 

The trial is at this time ongoing.